Friday, February 25, 2011

she's alive.

OK, so the past few days have been hectic and it's going to take me a while to get all the stuff I've written down typed up and made sense of.

Basically, I lived through the 24 hour train ride and am now in Adelaide.
My plan had been to not stay here at all and just go to Melbourne, but on the bus to the train station I changed my mind and decided to stay tonight. I'm leaving tomorrow night at 8 PM & getting into Melbourne at 6 AM on the 27th.

I'm going to get everything from the time until I left Alice until now typed up and posted before I leave for Melbourne. I just wanted to post this so you'd all know I'd, you know, lived.

And here's a bonus photo that Carlo posted on facebook of me, himself & Janine in our swags camping out by Uluru a few nights ago. From the night we stayed up really late and got scared by things in bushes.

just proof I've really done it. ha.

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