Monday, February 28, 2011

day 39.

Woke up at quarter past 12 since my damn alarm didn't go off.

This was annoying since I was supposed to meet Ellen & Bethan (the English girls I met in Cairns, we were evacuated together) for lunch at 12.30 at Time Out.

So I quickly updated my blog, since I did everything last night but then the internet wouldn't connect to post it and then ran out the door.
I got there at 1 and they'd just ordered, which was awesome.

We had lunch then they talked me into taking the old, original tram ride around the city. It's free and totally lame. They occasionally mention things about Melbourne, but mostly it as just a tram ride.

We got back to Flinder's Street then walked down to Degraves to get a coffee and some ice cream. But mostly the ice cream.

Walked around looking in stores and doing nothing much then made our way all the way across the city to go to the library, since it's close-ish to their hostel, Ellen wanted free internet and libraries always have bathrooms.
Let me tell you, Australia is not a land of bathrooms.

We parted ways there, since I'd forgotten my map I looked at theirs before I left and still got lost on the way back. Eventually found it.
Walked down to Southern Cross Station and booked my ticket to Sydney. Overnight bus leaving tomorrow night and getting in at 7 AM on Wednesday/the second of March.

My little camera's battery died the second I turned it on at lunch today and I didn't have my 7D with me, so I don't have a single photo. Which is really a shame. Ellen took a few but I, obviously, don't have them.

I'm really glad I saw them though, it was delightful.

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