Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 29.

Last night after I posted I managed to Skype with Mum & Magnus for a little bit, the connection was so much better than it ever was in Melbourne, which I find impossible. But hey, I take it.
They told me that the florist from Lunenburg died on Valentine's day. He was only 52 and lovely. Apparently he had cancer but hadn't told anyone outside his family. I'm not really sure but it's terribly sad. He has a daughter my age, who I don't know well but I just feel so so bad for her, her brothers and his widow.
RIP Wade Gear.

I also Skyped with Liam for a minute, which was also nice.


I had a terrible dream where Magnus had some kind of un-treatable cancer and was basically waiting to die. But he wanted to have all these parties and stuff and just live to the fullest while he could. I don't really remember what happened, I know Elijah (from camp, not Lunenburg) was there for most of it. And there was a lot of thread around. Like sewing thread. Not just lying there exactly, but there were boxes and boxes of different colours and stuff. I woke up really freaked out.

This morning I decided to just book a tour since it seemed the practically the only and definitely the cheapest way to see Uluru and King's Canyon and shit.
So I did. Unfortunately tomorrow was booked, so I'm leaving on Sunday morning and getting back Tuesday night. It's not really a hugh deal since I was going to have to be in Alice for two days anyway. Today I think I might nap again or something, I can't figure out why I'm so tired. I almost feel like I might be getting sick again, or maybe I never really kicked the cold.
I also realized I didn't eat very well in Melbourne; maybe my body's just feeling run down.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a museum day. I want to go see the wreckage of the Kookaburra ( and take a proper look through some galleries.

I finally sat down and figured out how much money I have and thankfully I should be fine. I've been spending slightly more than my original 'budget' gave me, but not enough for me to really be worried. Yay me!

I went out and got brunch from that unnamed cafe I went to yesterday. $9 for eggs & toast and a soy flat white. My kind of place.

I also went to Coles, finally. Got some bread, oranges, dried apricots and nutella.
I seriously wonder about myself when I o to grocery stores, I just always seem to get the oddest things. Although that was actually pretty good. It at least involved fresh food and nothing that's going to go off in 30 seconds.

Apparently I need to by a hat before I leave for a tour thing, so that will go on tomorrow's to-do list.
Buy hat.
So far that is the list, which bodes well for me completing it in a timely fashion.

Some thoughts I jotted down in my notebook over the course of the morning.
Which are actually mostly questions, so if you have answers you know who to tell.

"why isn't nutella with the jams and peanut butter?"

"why are socks so goddamn expensive?"

"I wonder where the Alice Springs dojo is"

"why goes Avril Lavigne keep coming on the radio?"

"I feel so white here"

Just call me a philosopher from now on.

Anyway, the internet costs an arm and a leg here, so I'm just going to buy it for an hour or so tonight so I can post this and tell my family I'm alive. There must be somewhere with free or cheaper wifi, I just need to find it. I'm realizing how much time I spent in McDonald's stealing their wifi in Melbourne.

I'm just chilling eating some dried apricots & nutella (have you ever tried this? I discovered it at Endor (in between camp sessions las September) and think it may be the perfect combination), re reading Best European Fiction of 2011 for about the third time and listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan live at Carnagie Hall.

In the middle of the Australia outback and doing what I do at home.
How lame.

I watched the first episode of Psych, which turned out to be pretty good.
I thought Delano downloaded it only to scare the pants off me, so I figured there would be a lot of sneaking around at night and torturing people. But most of it happened during the day. First good sign.
It's basically about this guy who had a super high awareness and pretends he psychic to work as a psych detective.
So he'll hear someone talk on the phone in the next room say their grandfather is sick and then he can be all "I'm getting worried vibes... about a man... you father? grandfather? are they sick?" and everyone's all "oohhhhhhhhh yes"


Went for a little walk, didn't really see anything interesting.

Watched the evening news while drinking some tea. An abalone diver got attacked by two great white sharks off the coast of Adalaide and there's no sign of his body. But someone saw him dragged under, so he's definitely dead.
Apparently the cotton farmers are giving jobs to sugar cane farmers who's crops were ruined by Yasi.
Some guy had a knife blade removed from his head, even though he didn't know he'd ever been stabbed.

Plus some other stuff too, which wasn't that interesting.

And it's a high of 36 C (96 F) here tomorrow. I am going to die.

Found where the aikido dojo is, turns out they have a Saturday morning class so I'm going to go in the morning. Yay!

Ate an orange. I actually can't remember the last time I ate one before then, which still doesn't make it very interesting.

Talked to these two english sisters, one's 22 and one's 35.
35 somehow got on the subject of hitchhiking and basically ranted at me for like 20 minutes as if I'd said I was going to, and even if I had it still wasn't any of her business. Even when I mentioned that I never plan on it she just kept talking about perverts and how's it's a death sentence or worse.
You know that scene in the first Harry Potter when Hermione goes "I'm going to bed before you get us killed... or worse, expelled" and then Ron is like "she needs to sort out her priorities"?
That's pretty much how I felt.
They're leaving in the morning though so it's ok.

I really need to take some photos tomorrow, I haven't taken any but my 365s since i got here. And I don't really feel like putting that one photo on the computer for this post.

I do feel almost 100% now, so I should be fine.

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