Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 22, on which I explored melbourne for most of the day.

I gave my book away. (The Best of European Fiction 2011)

Now for most of you reading this that isn't that interesting, but that's only because you don't know how much I normally hate giving books aways (or worse, leaving them at a hostel or something, which I still haven't done) so for me to do that is a little bit of a big fucking deal.

I suppose I might get it back if he finishes it before Thursday, but he won't.
I feel like this is a step in the right direction, towards something or other.


I slept in until 9, which I think is the latest I've slept since I got to australia.
I spend a lot of time telling you how I slept don't I? Is it interesting? Don't answer that.


All three members of my family asked me if I wanted to Skype on Facebook, but now I'm online and Magnus isn't answering Skype messages. Gosh darn!

Hopefully I'll catch them since I real want to talk to them, I haven't since I was in Cairns.

I'm super excited for the St. Kilda Festival tomorrow, it's going to be so good!


I finally found one of the video's of Cairns!

First of all, let me tell you that Lloyd told the most ridiculous story on purpose.
It wasn't nerve wracking at all and Lloyd & the rest of us spent most of the night have a good laugh and/or sleeping

I appear at 2.19, in case you were wondering.

And see my lovely face again at 3.34, looking annoyed since she was in everyone's way.

This isn't the super good video, which I still can't find. Oh well.


Back at Hudson's Coffee. Drinking a Vienna Coffee.
I've been trying to Skype with my family for like 45 minutes, we keep getting it for about 15 then my internet will go off for some reason and we'll lose it again.

Currently my internet is completely gone, when does that even happen? Oi vey. Hopefully it'll come back soon, I want to talk to them!

It came back for a while, thankfully.

It's now 11.
I'm going to walk down to Fed Sqaure and look around get lunch. Exciting, no?


So I walked to Flinder's Street then slowly towards Fed Square.
I spent like 2 hours at the Aquarium, which was awesome because I have an ISIC. (ISIC = International Student ID Card.)
I saw penguins and leafy sea dragons and the biggest rays I've ever seen in my life and shit. I saw a bunch of Grey Reef Sharks that are the same size as the ones I dove with/ran into me and it seems much scarier now. haha.

emperor penguin


leafy sea dragon

shark. ha.

Then I went to some head shop/vintage store and bought the sweetest unicorn ring ever. It's pretty much perfection in jewelry form.

I need to take better photos of it, but gosh it's amazing.

Then I went to the Immigration Museum for fun and it ended up being super interesting. There was an awesome exhibit on West Africa. Unfortunately that wing was a no photo wing, but it was beautiful and fascinating. Especially since I don't know much on west africa.



bunk on some ocean liner, reminds me a bit of a hostel.

Finally got to Fed Square at like 4.30.
I ate a delicious salad & ice tea at Time Out. I'd definitely go there again, I almost wish I'd gone earlier when I still wanted a big lunch. But maybe for my birthday I'll take myself there for dinner or something.


what I left, which looks like a lot in this but was just the tomatoes and a little bit of everything else.

Then I wandered over to the other side of the square where there was a breakdancing demo which was so so so fucking awesome. I took a shit ton of photos there and after one of the guys asked for my email since he thought they'd like to maybe use them, and definitely see them.
These are just a few of my favourites; I took 302!

Pretty much walked straight back to the hostel. Asked the lady at the front desk and she says I can leave my bag in a locked room tomorrow, which is awesome because I didn't want to have to drag my backpack with my extra lens and laptop around tomorrow.

I'm charging up my batteries and everything so I'll be taking so many photos tomorrow! Which means I should take about 7.

Now I'm going to eat Tim Tams (basically an inferior Penguin Bar) and go through all my photos from today.
I don't even know what to do without my book, I might re-read some of the stories. Hm.


I went through everything, it took me ages. It felt like it anyway.

I did re read some of the stories in the end, I was at a loss for what to do!

Delano and I were going to watch The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, but about half way through the subtitles started lagging, which means that was the end of that.
So we watched Inception instead, but since we watched part of the first one & Inception is the longest movie ever we didn't go to sleep until around 1.30.

Tomorrow (well, today, since I'm updating this in the morning) I'm going to the St. Kilda Festival along with everyone else in the world. James, Frances, Megan & Wayne are going for sure and a bunch of people from the hostel are too.
I better find out how the heck to get there.

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  1. I can't give my books away. It's too hard. Props to you!

    Those breakdancing photos are so badass!