Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a not very interesting & pictureless day 18.

I have basically done nothing today.

I woke up, ate some eggs for breakfast.
Talked to Deana, watched some Cake Boss & Ellen.

Then Linda came over and I talked to her & Deana for a while, then they left so Deana could have lunch with her husband, Ben.

I watched some more TV, just because it's so fun. ha.

I was sort of thinking of walking into China Town, but I don't want to enough to bother really.


My nails are getting to long, it's amazing.


I called Virgin Blue and booked a flight to Melbourne for tomorrow morning! I'm excited.
I then spent the net 2 hours trying to find a hostel that wasn't crazy expensive, wasn't in st. kilda and had free beds. Insane. Eventually put a plea out to the Boothroyd's, Megan & Josef and they all gave me places, one of which had room.
So I'm booked in some place until the 17th. I figure that'll give me plenty of time to explore and figure out my Alice/Uluru plans. And have my birthday :)

Deana's kindly driving me to the train station so I don't have to deal with busses, so I need to leave here at 8.15 tomorrow morning. Not too bad. I leave the airport at 11 and get in at like 2.

Kiz, Ben and I went swimming in the fancy shmancy pool that is part of the apartment building.

I ate a shit ton of watermelon & some mashed potatoes. Actually not that bad together, not  nearly as good as lime tortilla chips with ice cream though.

watched a whole bunch of shit on TV with the Hannah's, including Supernatural which just about gave me a heart attack.

Talked to Kiz & showed her some Björk music videos and now I'm going to sleep.

I didn't take a single photo all day, which is really sad/terrible. I will do better tomorrow I swear.

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