Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 16, in which I return to Birsbane.

Woke up, triple checked that I had everything, checked Facebook… all the important things.

Checked out and sat in the office listening to John make fun of my red lipstick (or my 'seduction lips' as he dubbed them) while waiting for my shuttle.

Got to the airport fine, checked in and talked to a lady about the whole refunding the ticket thing. She told me she couldn't do it and I should talk to the 'Guest Help' desk in Brisbane. So I had a flat white and ate some spinach & pumpkin lasagna. Which yes, is a bizarre food choice for 9.30 AM. But it was super good so it's ok.

all alone at table 12


I thought a flat white didn't have any frothy milk, but it was delicious so it's ok.


It's not 12.56 and we're about to take off from Cairns. We were supposed to take off ages ago. First we waited almost 20 minutes in the check in line, lord knows why. Then we checked in a waited another 10 in the hall thingy that leads to the plane.

I was supposed to be in 20F, which is a window. Which I wanted since it was daytime and not too long a flight. But when I boarded there was this ancient old man sitting in my seat, so I just sat next to him.
Turns out he's fucking nuts.

He's eating gummy bears. humming to himself and was really weird and sort of cowered away from me when I was trying to find the ends of my seatbelt.

Why is it that I always sit next to the fucking nutters? Why not some nice girl I'd like to see again or even a cute suffer dude? Why weird old men?
Every. Time.

I saw Bethen & Ellen in the airport, they're not staying at Chill but Nicola is. I'm actually glad because I feel bad for getting so annoyed about the whole evacuation thing. I think it might just have been because I was nervous but wouldn't let it show.

I'm thinking about maybe getting a train or bus pass and slowly working my way down to Melbourne… I can take mostly overnight busses to save costs too. We'll see how I feel tomorrow maybe.

I definitely need to find a camera store, find out what's wrong with the ol' 7D.


I think we have about 30 minutes left. Really not sure though.

Crazy old man had a beer then fell asleep, so it's all good for now.

I just realized I'm absolutely starving. Damn.


My iPod's been on 'Shuffle Songs' all the flight and all it's playing is Heather Nova and it's driving me out of my mind. I love Heather (as a person/singer) don't get me wrong, but I own over 3,000 songs and I wanted them shuffled. Oi vey.


Got to Brisbane fine, talked to someone who may or may not have been the 'Guest Help'
He looked online and told me I have $442 (or something like that) dollars in credit for Virgin Blue. I should be able to call the Help Centre and have them transfer it. But was the most important was that they knew I'd had the flight canceled and knew it was their fault etc.

Walked into my room (Room 215, which is the same room I was in before. In fact, I'm in the same bed I was in on my very first night in Australia. One girl's leaving tomorrow so I'm going to move to her bed since it's a bottom bunk and I hate the top bunk with a passion) and the girl who's sleeping below me, Georgia, goes "I saw you on channel seven! you were in the shopping centre in Cairns right?"

Which I was, and I actually knew about the video I'm in. I've been trying to find it since Lloyd showed it to everyone on Thursday, but have had no luck so far. I don't do anything exciting, I'm just sitting in a hallway waiting to go back to the hostel. But they do zoom right into my face, so it's still funny.

I already miss Travele'rs Oasis though. This place feels so cold and unfriendly. :(

Popped over to Coles, got some food.
Booked tomorrow night too so I have time to figure out what to do tomorrow.

Then while I was making up a plate of ever delicious bread, goat cheese & olives the fire alarm went off. Which means the whole building has to be evacuated. We just have to be outside, but really world? Turns out some girl smoked up the kitchen cooking bacon or something. Found Nicola when we were outside and she came and sat with me while I ate.
I was very right when I predicted it'd be awesome to see her.
I figure it was just the stress or something.

I'm going to Skype with my family tomorrow morning, so I'm excited about that. :)

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  1. Oh I hope you can find the news piece you were in !! I'd love to see it - I of course watched Channel 10 and Channel 9 ... not 7 =(