Friday, January 28, 2011

day 8!

Had to wake up at seven. Bummer.

we did some free diving stuff and some more practicing neutral balancing.
Not too shabby.

John Greenwood came and talked to us and answered questions and stuff. Pretty awesome.

We went out for lunch at some Asian-y place. I think I may have eaten chicken. I thought it was tofu but when I ate it I wasn't so sure. Oh well, not much I can do now.

Then we watched another movie thing and took a 50 question test.
Some of the questions were easy enough, things like "What does CECA stand for?" but then there were tough ones like "someone dove at 26 meters for 33 minutes, then came up for 47 minutes and dove again at 18 meters for 45 minutes. What pressure group where they in at the end of the second dive?"
Not going to lie, I mostly guessed those.
But I only got 8 wrong, out of the 13 I could get wrong to still pass.

I then went and bought a $100 mask. It hurt, but it's so important to be able to see properly. So I'm glad I did, even if it sucked.

I also tried to withdraw money for the first time and other than a $2 fee it was fine. Thankfully.

I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow morning for a 6.30 departure to the reef. Which apparently is going to take us a little over 3 hours.

I'm not even taking my laptop, because it's just not worth it.
So I'll be journalling every night (or more, if I can) and taking tons of photos so I'll post a super long 3 day post on the 1st of February. Yay!

When I came back I met my newest roomate, Sam, from Milan. He seems really nice but we're both leaving tomorrow. Bleh. There's also a girl, but I haven't met het yet.

I was thinking about going out to dinner, but I'm feeling like I might not be bothered too.
I think I'll just make some more pasta and see if I can make it within the hour.


I'm also thinking about booking some more nights when I get back. I may as well hang around and maybe meet some people.
I'm going to wait until I get back and then see how I feel.
But yeah, it's not like anyone's waiting for me anywhere.


Chris, Sam and I were suppose to go out to dinner, but then Sam changed his mind. So Chris and I went out to some vietnamese place, which had not a single vegetarian option. So I ordered some chicken curry and just ate the rice.
Today is apparently a non-vegetarian day. I feel like the boat might be like that too, depending on what's on offer.

Cam back and skyped with my family a bit, they're still wonderful.

Unfortunately I have to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow to leave the dock at 6.20.
I am so so so so so excited for this mini-trip. I'm a but nervous, but in a good way you know? I've always wanted to dive. I'm really enjoying Au too… I feel like quite a bit of complaining goes on here and I just wanted to say that I'm having a truly amazing time and I lovelovelove it. I love (most of) the people I've met and the awesome things I've done.

Just so everyone understands: I will not be updating this until the 1st of February.

Talk to y'all in 3 days!

EDIT: Chris just told me that Murray is about to beat Federer in the men's semi-finals. SO ANGRY.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

day seven!

Woke up at 8 since I needed to be picked up by Pro Dive at 8.45, sadly.

Chris and I went over there, met our learning buddies. Watched a couple of videos on diving and took a quiz type thing.
Then at lunch we all had our medical and I doctor failed Chris since he used to have asthma. He figures he still has it but used to be completive swimmer & hasn't used his inhaler in like 3 years. Anyway, he's not much upset really. He's going to go to New Zealand 5 days earlier and is excited to get more time there.

Then we got fitted for fins and a mask/snorkel.
We learned how to put our tanks on the vesty thing (that had a name like BCU or BOC or something.) and how to turn on the air and put it on etc.
Then we got in the pool and had to swim 24 laps using our snorkel & fins. So that was no problem. We practiced breathing underwater using the tanks, which was a little hard at first but I got used it it super fast.
Then we learned/practiced:
- buddy breathing, which hasn't been called that since "the old days" since now everyone has a second breathy thing. I cannot remember the name for these things to save my life. Oops. Anyway, everyone has an extra one for a buddy because buddy breathing was "so dumb". (I laughed, sorry mum & da!)
- how to take away said breathy thing and put it back in and not drown.
- how to get water out of your mask underwater
- how to equalize while going down
- how to find your neutral buoyancy
- different ways of towing your buddy to safety
- different underwater signs. Some of them are practical like "ok". But some stuff gets a bit complicated. Sometimes more than seemed needed.
- how to take off & put on your task/vesty thing in the water
- how to breath without a mask on. This is about a bajillion times harder than you'd think.
- how to breath if the valve breaks and gives you constant air. Everyone else had no trouble with it and apparently "I'm the first one who's ever stubbled", but well, I struggled. It sort of felt like I was being choked with air. I dunno, I did it but I hated it.

He also turned our air off so we know what it feels like, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
But he also told us that the night dive wasn't an option, we had to. hjkvcingucmviomvjck.

It was really really good though. I am so excited for everything, even if I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow to be picked up at 7.45. Lord knows why it needs to be that early.


Here are the people.

Ryan. I'd guess he's about 45. On military leave, in 13 days he goes back to Iraq. From Idaho or Wyoming or something like that. Seems nice enough, not really my type of person.

Matt. He's 23, from Vancouver. Very much a hockey playing Canadian dude. He's been traveling around Asia & Australia since August I think. He's really loud, which annoys me a bit.

Andrias (I think that's how it's spelled?). He's 21. From Norway, been travelling in Au since before Christmas, going back home in April. When he goes home he'll be finishing his degree on journalism and photography.

There's another guy too. I feel really bad for not remembering his name.
It's like Chris or Rocky or Russ. I dunno.
He's a bit aloof. He's from Brisbane but living in Cairns. I dunno, he didn't really make himself part of the group.

And our instructor; Perry.
Long story short, I don't like him. He's loud, he's constantly name dropping places he's dived or shit he's seen. He's so sexist it makes me want to smack him. He was like "woman use less air than men since they have smaller lungs (that bit's mostly true) and since they can't talk underwater it's even less *ha ha*"

Oh for fucks sake. I understand that since I'm the only girl, I will be the brunt of jokes. But he's dreadful. Or there was an acronym for how to check your buddy before diving and 'his favourite' is "Blonde Woman are Really Always Fun." or something similar.
Like, must you?

It's kind of bumming me out, because I don't at all feel comfortable around him. He's not creepy, not in that way… it's just he's such an asshole. And he kept using other people as examples, which is fine, but he was an ass about it.
Like there was this one girl who's ear popped in the pool but when she went out in the ocean they were clearing but not popping and she got really nervous that something was wrong.
Which seems legit, if you're confused. But he was like "Don't be stupid like her"

I dunno, he's a dumb prat.

Anyway, I got home at 5ish. It was Pizza Night here where they order a fuck ton of pizza and you can pretty much eat as much as you want for $10. I decided to make some pasta instead. I sat at one end of the table with Chris (the one who can't dive) and this Swedish couple. Her name's Amelia or Emilia or something. And I think he's Hudrun (I'm pretty sure that's a girls name though) or Husran or something. I never was actually introduced, I just heard other people saying their name.

He's a chef and we got to talk cooking and they were both super nice and funny. They were just in Japan (which they say "Yapan", which never got old for me) and I got to hear a ton of awesome stories.
And as it turns out Chris is hilarious too, go figure.

About halfway through dinner some slightly drunk guy came over from Woolsheads (which is the place we went last night) and wanted to give all the girls "Thursday Ladies Nite" stamps for free champagne tonight. It was just easier to say yes, so I now have that classy mark.
Scottish Chris and my Swedish buddies decided to go out and American Chris was going to, but by the looks of things he's fallen asleep.

I really didn't take any photos today, these are a few of a cicada that was on the kitchen floor this evening after I made dinner.

I'm just going to read this little book we got given and asked to read, then hit they hay since I'm exhausted.
Diving is tiring.
Apparently all the gear is like 26 lbs. I think. He said it in kilos and I have trouble working out the difference.

It turns out I did book a return night here, for the night of the 31st. They just didn't see it when I booked it.
I've since paid for it, so I definitely have a place when I get back.
Then who knows. I might just fly to Alice.
I was hoping to find someone good to go with but I haven't been here long enough really. And I'll have just been away for 3 days. So oh well.

I'll be posting again tonight about today, but then we're out on the boat without internet for 3 days so I'll be writing daily but won't be able to post until I get back. Just a heads up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 6!

Woke up about a half hour ago.

I got the guy at reception who's name I believe to be T'ron, which sounds impossibly Bermudian, to give me (I mean, I bought. I'm not that smooth) the wifi password.

The German girls moved to another room. They were always meant to apparently, but now it's just me and grumpy again.

Going to Skype with my family in about 45 minutes and make some pasta salad and then find the Pro Dive offices.

And then nap probably.


Well, grumpy german man is 'swapping rooms' too.

I am now alone though, which is sweet.


Well, I didn't stay alone for long. Two more guys, who aren't together but look rather similar. I'd guess german, for no reason really.

I skyped with mum, da &; magnus for an hour and a half or so. It was wonderful talking to them! I love my family.

I then skyped with Liam for like, two hours which was also wonderful. I love him too.

Are you feeling the love? Because I certainly am. <3

Just one big Skype Love fest going on here.

I'm going to clean and bandaged my foot again and then I'm off to find the Pro Dive centre and explore the esplanade a bit, see what's going on this fine Australia Day.


Alright. One of the new roomates was indeed German. His name is Sven and I really haven't spoken to him. Roomate number two is Scottish, his name is Chris. He has a history degree and is now traveling around Au for as long as possible. And he's 23.

Roomate number 3 came in later, another Chris. He's 30 at from Austin, Texas and is taking the scuba course with me. Also seems lovely.

from the hip.

pretty much the pacific ocean.

please note the man basking in the light.

Anyway, went for a walk to find pro dive. I went down to the esplanade, super crowded of course. Ate some chocolate ice cream (it was the first ice cream I've had in Au. So wonderful) and then, while trying to find pro dive I stumbled upon a whole colony of bats! just roosting in trees over the sidewalk. I was so excited you have no idea. Love bats.

I really do love bats.

snuggling bats.

look at his cute little face!

so clever, he learned to itch his very own face!


I found Pro Dive, eventually. Showed them the paperwork I had, everything was in order and it turns out I don't need a medical before the course because someone comes tomorrow to give everyone one. So that's all good. They're picking me up at 8.25 tomorrow morning. I really need to find my alarm clock. Even though I know it means unpacking my whole bag since I think it's on the bottom.

So so so so excited though!

I popped into Cole's on the way hope, luckily not closed. I bought like 4 litres of water for $4. And some more goat cheese because mine froze in the big fridge in the kitchen. This has been put in my in-room fridge and seems fine. Also bought some orange juice.

Came back, talked to scottish chris for a bit, about his (toured) trip though bangkok and to singapore.

The two Chris' and I decided we may as well go out to dinner together. Quite possibly the most surreal dinner of my life. That lad from Leeds I mentioned, Matthew, told us to go to somewhere called the Wool something… Woolworks? Woolworths? Pretty rubbish really, not a lot of veggie stuff. We ended up meeting up with Linda, Stephanie and… Annie? Three girls staying at/working at Traveler's Oasis. Nice enough. Definitely an odd dinner though.

They were talking about how the bartender looked about 16 and how 16 year olds don't always make the best decisions and I was just sitting there, saying nothing.
I don't much like lying about my age, but enough people are weird enough when I say I'm 17 so I don't want to stop really. lmkcjnghnvc.

Chris 1 & 2 decided to go off to some bar, I couldn't be bothered to deal with being possibly carded even though I'm pretty sure the Wool place was 18+ so I came back to the hostel with the girls and am now updating this.

I'm going to drink some orange juice and find my alarm.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 5! In which I don't die on the way to Cairns.

Woke up at 6.30 when Stephanie & Laura got up. Stephanie to go to Byron Bay for a few days and Laura to do a day trip to the Morton Islands.
Anyway, said goodbye to them and then couldn't go back to sleep.
Took a nice shower.

I used the internet and I first thing I saw was about the bombing in the Moscow airport. Not really what I wasn't to see the day I fly somewhere. But I'm thinking much more about the people/families of the people there than myself in this case.
Believe it or not, I have empathy sometimes.
On special occasions.

I properly cleaned out the blister on my left root, which is now the worse one. Because when it split yesterday it was fine but during it night it split more… into the skin that was not blistered. So I cut as much of the excess skin off as I could and put antiseptic cream on it and bandaged it up. Yay first aid kits!
The right one's still a little sore but it seemed much better this morning.

My body is basically falling apart around me.

Before I leave for the airport I'm going to book another four nights here for the nights of the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th of March so I don't have to worry about keeping money for that.

Going to the airport in about an hour and half, even though my flight isn't for ages because I need to get my boarding pass printed and I'd rather be there than here.
I bought my Airtrain ticket last night, I have everything written down about my flight and it's all looking good.

Now at the airport, I have about  45 minutes until boarding.

I booked my four nights in March, prepaid.

I checked out at 10, then hung around and talked to Stef, Marion & Rachel for half an hour before leaving.
Walked to the station with no problem, since I bought my ticket last night I got right through platform 7 with no issues what so ever. I saw this girl who looked about 14 and she had four lip piercings (snake bites and angel bites), her nose, her bridge, both eyebrows and a bunch of other piercings in her ear. I, personally, think it takes a certain type of person to work that much metal in their face and she didn't have what it took.

Then I figured I had about 15 minutes so I took a few photos of pigeons and read my book for a while and when I look up again it's 11.19 but, in theory, my train was leaving and 11.06. I was a bit confused because on the board it still said "11.06 express to airport - on time"
Anyway, got on the train at around 11.20 and got to the airport at about 11.45.
I took a whole bunch of photos on the train here, these are just a few. I realized I really like photos of car parks from above.

Got all checked in, he just gave me a receipt thing, so I assume when someone comes to open up out gate I can give them that. I'm feeling nervous about it for no reason since I know that's the case.

I got some more tea, burned my mouth again on said tea. No matter how long I wait, no matter how cool it looks… I always burn my mouth.

I may go find a muffin or something. While chatting with my (ex, I suppose) room mates I ate the rest of my rice crackers & goat cheese but there wasn't much of either. And I'm not going to eat until tonight probably.
So maybe I better.


You know what's really ugly in my opinion? flip flops with heels. Not those platform wedge ones (not that I like them much either) but ones with genuine heels. Gross.

 It is 31 C here. Sweet jesus I am dying right now.

On my flight I was in the aisle, no one in the middle & some middle aged lady who seemed really nervous in the window.
I slept most of the way, so I don't know how it was. Fine I assume.

I eventually got my bag, I was at the wrong bag place for a while because it just said "Brisbane" not the flight number, but I got everything eventually. For a while I was waiting next to possibly the tallest man I've ever met. At a guess I'd say he was 6 foot 7. So. Tall.

Took a shuttle here, during the drive I had an "I'm so far away from home and everyone's just treating me like an adult and that's scary" moment. I think because I knew people in Brisbane it felt less foreign. But now it's like, I know no one and once my course is done on the 31st I don't know what I'm doing, where I'm going or anything. weee!

 got settled. The lady working at reception looks remarkably like Katy Perry.
I'm in Room 1. There are four beds and only one other is occupied, by a man who reminds me of Josh the cook from camp. Minus the beard.
Little weird, I'm not 100% sure how to deal with it yet.

So far I like the place alright, it's not exactly breath taking.
I was talking to a guy who got back from his 5 day open water course with pro dive (the one I'm taking) today and he said it was the best thing. So I'm stoked about that!

First thing I did was went over to Coles to grab some food (I bought pretty much the same thing I bought in brisbane, but bananas instead of an onion.)
That store has amazing dairy and meat sections but not so great produce. Bleh.

I think this is the first time I've seen a brand that I recognize from Nova Scotia. I almost bought it.

I also got some nail varnish remover.
That was quite possibly the least interesting sentence ever… anyway.

As I was walking out of the mall thing I saw all these 'birds' by the edge of the parking lot. (the parking lot is 2 stories up, you have to walk/drive down ramps to get to the road.) but when I got closer I realized they were bats! hcm,gdvgmh,clkgmdlvgcmlv so close to me!
Since I'm a pro, I stopped by the edge, put everything down, changed to me telephoto lens and snapped a few photos. I was using manual focus because the camera has issues focusing that fast when I have to always be moving it. So a lot of them ended up blurry, sadly. But everyone's been telling me that they're always about so I should be able to take more soon.


so excited!


Anyway, I'm going to have to update this late because the internet is done in shifts and no matter when you start them they end at 10 AM the next morning. And I'm skyping with my family at 11 so I'm going to start it tomorrow morning. Then I should be fine updating at night. I think.
I'm not going to be able to update on the boat though, I don't think. Buttt I'll still be typing everything up daily and there will be a crazy long post at the end.

Ol' roomie's not being very friendly. He just came in to get some clothes and didn't even smile. Oh for fucks sake, so typical for me to get landed with the grumpy man.

Went and ate some cracker and goat cheese for dinner.
Met a lady called Anna from Finland, who was alright; a guy called Stefan from Denmark, who seems awesome but looks like the guy who played Jaws in the James Bonds & a lovely lad from Leeds, who's name is escaping me right now. But he's fabulous and really made me feel more comfortable.

Roomie still hasn't spoken to me, he was outside eating too and just sort of looked at me.

Well, typically, right after I wrote that he came in and talked to me like I was a normal person. Why must I be so confused about people all the time?
I'm now trying to remember his name too. What is with me forgetting names suddenly!?

It's really open here, like the windows are open with no screens and I'm feeling a tad nervous about all the things that might kill me. But then again, at least I'd die in my sleep. Maybe.

oddly placed and unrelated paintings on the wall of my room.

My left blister is still giving me issues. My (very nice) bandage came off sometime, so I think I walked all the way to the store and back without it. I'm a little worried but it's not too bad. I'll give it a proper cleaning again tomorrow morning. And all the walking I have to do is get to Pro Dive and check in etc. So I ought to be alright.

Two new girls, dunno where they're from but they look english.
Anyway, at least I'm not the only one in here with grumpy grumpkins.

The girls are German. Anna is the blonde one and Emily is the brunette.
They're re-applying makeup like crazy.

good lord.

Monday, January 24, 2011

day four! last full day in brisbane, I did a whole lot of nothing much.

Woke up at 6.45, dozed a bit (not enough) until 8.

the first thing I see when I wake up here.

Since I've decided that today is a relaxing day and I can do it later, I opted not to shower and just read by book instead.
In about 15 minutes I'm going to Skype with my family, then I think I'll get some breakfast and take a shower.

Then take a little walk, buy & write & mail (if I can find a post office) some postcards and just relax a bit.

I need to repack my whole pack to get everything back in and put my bathing suit and stuff on top.
I also need to find out where the domestic terminal is and what stop I'd get off to be there form someone so I don't miss my flight tomorrow. I should probably seen how far away is the airport is from my hostel in Cairns. hnfchlmakvhfg.

My throats a but sore, I'm worried. I need to definitely not get sick. Cannot happen. Absolutely against the question.
So after my Skype date I'm doing to drink some hot tea and make sure I take a nap today too. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm hoping it's just a morning thing.

There's a new girl in our room too, she told me her name but it's slipping my mind at the moment. She's Scottish and works for the Red Cross in Brisbane. She's also reading "At Home" by Bill Bryson. Kudos.


Talked to my awesome family for a bit, they're the bomb.
Briefly tried talking to Liam but his internet kept cutting out so we gave up.
Off to find breakfast now.


Went to Gloria Jean's again.
Then I went walking around, shooting stuff from the hip while walking to the square and for about a minute inside it until I go bored with that.

Thought about getting some sushi, decided against it and went into a few shops, bought some postcards and just wandered about.


After a while I started walking back from the Square to the hostel, still hold my camera at my hip but it was off and the lens cap was on. This is important to my following story.

About a block away from the square I was waiting to cross the road and this lady, her husband and their two children came up. I'd seen them in the Square a few times, but didn't take much notice of them other than the fact that she had a poorly done tattoo on her back.

So she taps my shoulder, looking murderous and we had the following conversation.

"if you've fucking been taking photos of my children you better delete them!"


"I just heard you, walking around and clicking. I want to see your camera."

"well, as you can see it's off and the lens cap is on. I don't even know what you're talking about. And you absolutely cannot see my camera"

"Just know that taking photos of people without their consent is illegal, it's even worse for you if they're children"

"Actually it's perfectly legal to take photos of people."

"you're a creepy stalker!"

"no, I'm not. You know what, here, you can look at my photos. I don't want to talk to you anymore"

"Whatever, I guess I believe you. Just fucking delete the photos you took of my children"

As it turns out I did take a photo with she & her son were in the corner of, which I deleted.
I mean, I understand her not wanting me to have photos of her children. That's fine.
I just don't much like being verbally attacked at an intersection though.

And I'm a little definitely embarrassed someone heard me, I wish so much I could turn the shutter sound off on that camera.
One of the downsides of an SLR I suppose.

I came home pretty much right away, I dunno, she seemed so mad. I felt like she could have easily hailed a police man or something. And honestly, I have no idea whether or not it's legal to shoot from the hip like I've been doing. I just figured it'd be better to not be around.

I did stop to get a smoothie though, it wasn't as good as the one I had on Friday. Too much apple juice, but still yummy.

I took an hour and a half long nap which made me feel much much better.

I'm now sitting on the fourth floor patio, I just wrote a bunch of post cards.

I'm mostly being entertained by two english guys, who are high out of there mind.
One came and asked me for the ashtray on my table and when I handed it to him he just stared at my nail varnish for about 45 seconds and then told me it was 'mesmerizing'. He then only walked in a straight line on the titles, taking right angle turns until he got back to his seat. They're now eating potato chips and tanning. And seem mighty confused by, well, everything around them.

I think I'm going to go downstairs and take to whoever's working about what stop I should be getting off at tomorrow & the airport. Maybe domestic was just before mind international. Definitely possible.


I preformed minor surgery on my blisters, popped them both. Left foot was a success, right foot not so much. I ended up popping it again later, with a slightly better result.

I went and found a post office, got there at 1 minute to 5. So happy!
My left blister also split all the way open, but it's not painful at all. The skin under the blister is like normal skin. But my right foot still hurts. God. Damn.

Hung out in the room with Rachel & Marion a bit. Tried to understand all the french they were speaking to each other. Then Rachel saw a baby gecko and was trying to tell me what it was, but didn't know the english for that so she was like "it's a beast! a baby monster dragon!"

Then she left  and I talked to Marion for a little bit, her ex is coming to see her and try to get her back and she just needed to talk it all out. So we did. She's lovely.

Read by book a bit more and then Laura, Stephanie and I ate dinner together. I made pasta and had it with raw, finally sliced, red peppers and white onions. & a ton of goat cheese. So wonderful. The only problem is that I made quite a lot & ate it all since it was delicious and I was hungry but since I've been eating so little I feel so very full right now. Bleh, but it's not too bad.

It really wouldn't be a blog post without a photo of me.

When we came back to our room there was a new dutch girl, Elena. She seems super nice! I mentioned I'd lived in Bermuda and she wanted to know all about it. She got a culture lesson, haha. She seems awesome, bit of a shame I'm leaving tomorrow.

my dishes while I was here.

the beautiful, beautiful carpet.

my two most important possessions.


But I realized I know nothing about my flight. I have my reservation number, but that's it. I'm not even sure of the airline. Oh fuck.
I'll be emailing mum tonight and checking tomorrow, but god damn. I cannot believe I didn't write it down. And I can't find the email I'm sure they sent me.
(as I was uploading all the photos to this my wonderful mother forwarded me all my information, without me saying anything. So I now know everything I need to know!)

And! My throat seems fine now, I guess it was just the air conditioning.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

day three!

I took these last night, after I updated my blog. They're taken from the fourth floor patio.

bit of brisbane.

it's hard to not look angry while holding your head very still while moving you arm. just a heads up.

Woke up at 6 this morning, dozed a little until 7 when I realized I may as well just wake up. So I did and went and took shower.
Now I'm just relaxing online, I might possibly be the only person in this hostel that's awake.

Currently listening to my favourite Welch receptionist, John, sing off key.
The perfect start to my morning.

I think when I'm done with interneting I'll go grab a coffee. I'm not meeting Frances until 11, which is 3 hours from now.
Done my internet-ing but I was want to tell y'all about this lady who's staying here.
She looks like Donnatella Versace. In fact, it could be her, just trying to experience a poor man's traveling. Her lips are painfully huge, her forehead is too taut, her hair is too blonde, she looks like she might be dresses in Versace too actually.
It's insane.
I first saw her last night and assumed she was just using the internet but then I passed her on my way to the shower this morning. Crazy crazy.

I think I'm going to pop by the grocery store now and get something for breakfast/dinner tonight.
For dinner I'm thinking pasta with a zucchini, onion, mushroom and bell pepper sauce. Probably just sauté them actually, skip the tomato or cream base.
I'll try to find some basil too.

but for breakfast… I was thinking an omelette but the pans here leave one asking for much more and I think it might be disastrous to attempt that. Perhaps just find more fruit. I'm a tad sick of just eating fruit right now.
Oh well, I'll find something editable.
Actually I wonder if the store's open right now, it's on half 8 on a sunday. Bugger.
I'll just go over there and if it's closed I'll go back to Gloria Jeans instead and go back this afternoon.

I went to the store and it was closed so I went to "Expressbo Bar" and had a cup of tea/read a bit of Sarah Silverman's autobiography. They had all this amazing Tin Tin merch there, I almost bought some for magnus and I but it was dreadfully overpriced. Like, $44 for a t shirt. So I didn't. The lady working there had adorable new-ish dreads and she liked my bracelet. that's 5 for those counting.

The store must have opened at 9 because once I was done my tea, it was up and running.

I bought:
1 white onion
1 red bell pepper
a small bag of penne pasta
rice crackers
goat cheese
adorable tiny bottle of olive oil
small jar of olives

sort of walkway to the store


I cam back to the hostel and ate some goat cheese & rice crackers, which was a surprisingly delicious mixing of cultures. I sat up on the 3rd floor patio and it's really lovely during the day, I might go up to the 4th floor this afternoon and relax.

I'm a woman of many cultures

om nom!

I'm meeting Frances in an hour and the place we're meeting (at least, I'm 97% sure this is where we're meeting) is about a 10-15 minute walk I figure. So I have a little while before I need to leave and all I have to do is brush my teeth.

I really want to go out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary tomorrow, but I don't much want to go alone. Maybe I'll see if anyone's interested in coming with me.
Deana said it was a breeze to get there on the bus but slightly harder to get back because of timing but I can probably handle it. So as of now that's my plan.

So Laura just said she'd like to come with me, which would be lovely because I just said I'd like to go with someone but at the same time I might die of human interaction overload. Maybe Stephanie wants to come with us… I'll ask her tonight.


Ok, it's now half 6 in the evening. I had a really awesome day!

Before I left, a took a few photos of my room in the hostel, since I figured someone might carre.

the bottom one on the left is mine.

Around quarter past 10 I left to meet Frances. Thankfully I have myself 45 minute to get there since, surprise surprise, I got lost and ended up at some square I'd never even seen before. Asked someone for directions and got there with a minute to spare.

I waited about 3 minutes before Frances and James arrived, worrying the whole time that I was in the completely wrong place. I didn't know James was going to be there, but I'm glad he was since they're both charming.

king george square.

We got over how awesome it was to finally meet each other (I'm friends with both of them on Facebook through a friend & I think maybe I've skyped with Frances? Maybe not but we've talked a bit.)
We went walking around and stopped by another Gloria Jean's (apparently a chain store, which makes me a little sad.) to get some tea, in my case and some kind of cold thing in their case. We went and sat in some park and chatted, I got pretty excited because there were just ibises hanging around.


Frances' feet!

pacific black duck!

Then I saw a kookaburra! hchmgsvkcjknvcmnjgv I was so excited. It let me get so so close and I took a bajillion photos of it and felt like I was really in australia. Even the Boothroyd's said it was unusual for them to let you get that close, so I felt like David Attenborough or something. Until they made fun of me for how I said it. Apparently it's not "kook-ah-burra" but "kouh-k-a-burra". The O sound is shorter, the way we say 'cook', it's not 'k-oo-k' but 'cou-k'. I dunno, I still felt pretty spiffy.


Look how close I was. Sweet Jesus I am still excited.

My hand! A Kookaburra! In the same frame!

We decided to get some lunch around 12, opted for sushi. While walking there we saw these woman in stilted in 50s housewife costumes, we're not sure what they were doing but one asked me what my favourite bought secret was. The explains everything, no?

I had some vegetable tempura and some egg and vegetable. I was expecting a japanese omelette deal, but it was hard bolded eggs and vegetables. Bit odd and not nearly as good as the tempura on but not bad by any means. We sat and chatted about music and how funny we think the other's accent was.

James & Frances

We wandered about a little more, talked to the directors of the musical Frances was just in, who seems odd and really is apparently.

she... just showed up.

We stopped by this square where were sitting on a bench and James and Frances were doing some drawing on my pants when this little girl who was about 4 I'd say came up, sat next to, asked why they were drawing on my pants and then asked if she could. I didn't have any issues with her doing something, so I handed her a sharpie and she drew some "love hearts" and something she said was her name, which I think was Kiarah. So right as she finished and I thought we'd escape her 6 (?) year old sister, Chloe, came up and wanted to draw too. I wasn't so into that idea but I figured their parents would be looking for them at any time since Kiarah had said they were at the bus stop.
So they both drew some more but then they wanted to start drawing on James and Frances and they were like "no way!" so we asked where the bus stop where their parents were was and they were like "they moved, they're behind you"

AND THEY WERE RIGHT BEHIND US. Can you even imagine coming around a corner, seeing your two children literally drawing on a stranger and not saying something!? Just sitting down!? I mean, we didn't even know they were there!
We just decided to leave because it was really weird once we knew the parents were watching us. And as we were getting up Chloe was like "no don't leave!" and the parents said nothing. No thank you to us, or no telling their daughter anything. Nothing. It was bizarre! So we got away from them, wandered about a bit and ended up at some other mini park on Roma Street.
There was this guy practising two & four staff contact twirling. He was using unlit fire staffs, so I assume he's be doing it on fire soon, maybe even tonight. He was phenomenal, I mean, I had never seen anything like that before. I got out my creeper lens (75-300mm telephoto) and took a few photos because I was amazed.
We just chilled there for a while, Frances practiced some poi stuff she'd been working on, James drew, I took pictures of them doing those two things.

so impressive.

even more impressive.




At around 10 to 6 Frances had to walk into Central Station to meet some friends from the musical she was in so they could go to the cast party so we walked back into the city, which got me re-lost because I'd know where we were. I briefly meet Nick & Margot and then they and Frances went off somewhere so James walked me back as far as the Roma Street Station, which is right by the hostel and where he was catching the train home from.

All in all it was a completely delightful day.
The only downside being with all that walking my blisters are no better, I think one of them is actually bigger. I'm almost worried, I've never had anything near this size and it hurts a ton if I scrunch my feet… like if I bend my toes towards the bottom of my heel. God damn.
Anyway, I decided not to go to the Koala place tomorrow because I can't deal with more walking. I'm just going to relax a bit, maybe take a little walk but nothing far. So expect tomorrow's post to be enthralling & amazing!

A new girl just came in, Marion, who (I think, she's got a strong French accent) moved to the Gold Coast to be with her boyfriend a few weeks ago and left him today. So is staying here until Wednesday when she leaves to go back to London. She and Rachel (the french girl, who's name I finally learned) are now chattering away in French with sounds to lovely. I am not understanding a lot, I'm pretty sure she's talking about her ex-boyfriend.
But now Marion sounds teary so it's safe to say that's what she talking about the ex.
I think she's also mentioning a cat. Hm.

I'm going to get all my photos from today on here, choose the ones I'll upload to the blog today, go and make/eat dinner and then do my evening interneting.

Now it's half 10 at night.
I ended up just eating rice crackers, goat cheese and bell pepper for dinner. I just wasn't hungry enough for pasta. Ate dinner with Stephanie and Laura again, they're lovely. Still.

There's now a crazy drunk guy in the lobby though. He's giggling so loudly and keeps asking if anyone has weed he can smoke and when we say no he asks for cigarettes instead.

Ah, he left. Thank goodness.
I'm going to bed, so excited to sleep.
And I'm skyping with my dear family in the morning, so I'm stoked.