Monday, January 24, 2011

day four! last full day in brisbane, I did a whole lot of nothing much.

Woke up at 6.45, dozed a bit (not enough) until 8.

the first thing I see when I wake up here.

Since I've decided that today is a relaxing day and I can do it later, I opted not to shower and just read by book instead.
In about 15 minutes I'm going to Skype with my family, then I think I'll get some breakfast and take a shower.

Then take a little walk, buy & write & mail (if I can find a post office) some postcards and just relax a bit.

I need to repack my whole pack to get everything back in and put my bathing suit and stuff on top.
I also need to find out where the domestic terminal is and what stop I'd get off to be there form someone so I don't miss my flight tomorrow. I should probably seen how far away is the airport is from my hostel in Cairns. hnfchlmakvhfg.

My throats a but sore, I'm worried. I need to definitely not get sick. Cannot happen. Absolutely against the question.
So after my Skype date I'm doing to drink some hot tea and make sure I take a nap today too. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm hoping it's just a morning thing.

There's a new girl in our room too, she told me her name but it's slipping my mind at the moment. She's Scottish and works for the Red Cross in Brisbane. She's also reading "At Home" by Bill Bryson. Kudos.


Talked to my awesome family for a bit, they're the bomb.
Briefly tried talking to Liam but his internet kept cutting out so we gave up.
Off to find breakfast now.


Went to Gloria Jean's again.
Then I went walking around, shooting stuff from the hip while walking to the square and for about a minute inside it until I go bored with that.

Thought about getting some sushi, decided against it and went into a few shops, bought some postcards and just wandered about.


After a while I started walking back from the Square to the hostel, still hold my camera at my hip but it was off and the lens cap was on. This is important to my following story.

About a block away from the square I was waiting to cross the road and this lady, her husband and their two children came up. I'd seen them in the Square a few times, but didn't take much notice of them other than the fact that she had a poorly done tattoo on her back.

So she taps my shoulder, looking murderous and we had the following conversation.

"if you've fucking been taking photos of my children you better delete them!"


"I just heard you, walking around and clicking. I want to see your camera."

"well, as you can see it's off and the lens cap is on. I don't even know what you're talking about. And you absolutely cannot see my camera"

"Just know that taking photos of people without their consent is illegal, it's even worse for you if they're children"

"Actually it's perfectly legal to take photos of people."

"you're a creepy stalker!"

"no, I'm not. You know what, here, you can look at my photos. I don't want to talk to you anymore"

"Whatever, I guess I believe you. Just fucking delete the photos you took of my children"

As it turns out I did take a photo with she & her son were in the corner of, which I deleted.
I mean, I understand her not wanting me to have photos of her children. That's fine.
I just don't much like being verbally attacked at an intersection though.

And I'm a little definitely embarrassed someone heard me, I wish so much I could turn the shutter sound off on that camera.
One of the downsides of an SLR I suppose.

I came home pretty much right away, I dunno, she seemed so mad. I felt like she could have easily hailed a police man or something. And honestly, I have no idea whether or not it's legal to shoot from the hip like I've been doing. I just figured it'd be better to not be around.

I did stop to get a smoothie though, it wasn't as good as the one I had on Friday. Too much apple juice, but still yummy.

I took an hour and a half long nap which made me feel much much better.

I'm now sitting on the fourth floor patio, I just wrote a bunch of post cards.

I'm mostly being entertained by two english guys, who are high out of there mind.
One came and asked me for the ashtray on my table and when I handed it to him he just stared at my nail varnish for about 45 seconds and then told me it was 'mesmerizing'. He then only walked in a straight line on the titles, taking right angle turns until he got back to his seat. They're now eating potato chips and tanning. And seem mighty confused by, well, everything around them.

I think I'm going to go downstairs and take to whoever's working about what stop I should be getting off at tomorrow & the airport. Maybe domestic was just before mind international. Definitely possible.


I preformed minor surgery on my blisters, popped them both. Left foot was a success, right foot not so much. I ended up popping it again later, with a slightly better result.

I went and found a post office, got there at 1 minute to 5. So happy!
My left blister also split all the way open, but it's not painful at all. The skin under the blister is like normal skin. But my right foot still hurts. God. Damn.

Hung out in the room with Rachel & Marion a bit. Tried to understand all the french they were speaking to each other. Then Rachel saw a baby gecko and was trying to tell me what it was, but didn't know the english for that so she was like "it's a beast! a baby monster dragon!"

Then she left  and I talked to Marion for a little bit, her ex is coming to see her and try to get her back and she just needed to talk it all out. So we did. She's lovely.

Read by book a bit more and then Laura, Stephanie and I ate dinner together. I made pasta and had it with raw, finally sliced, red peppers and white onions. & a ton of goat cheese. So wonderful. The only problem is that I made quite a lot & ate it all since it was delicious and I was hungry but since I've been eating so little I feel so very full right now. Bleh, but it's not too bad.

It really wouldn't be a blog post without a photo of me.

When we came back to our room there was a new dutch girl, Elena. She seems super nice! I mentioned I'd lived in Bermuda and she wanted to know all about it. She got a culture lesson, haha. She seems awesome, bit of a shame I'm leaving tomorrow.

my dishes while I was here.

the beautiful, beautiful carpet.

my two most important possessions.


But I realized I know nothing about my flight. I have my reservation number, but that's it. I'm not even sure of the airline. Oh fuck.
I'll be emailing mum tonight and checking tomorrow, but god damn. I cannot believe I didn't write it down. And I can't find the email I'm sure they sent me.
(as I was uploading all the photos to this my wonderful mother forwarded me all my information, without me saying anything. So I now know everything I need to know!)

And! My throat seems fine now, I guess it was just the air conditioning.

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