Wednesday, January 19, 2011

day 1!

Mum and I are currently at the airport, waiting to board our flight to toronto.
We spend forever trying to find a parking space, since apparently everyone's a dreadful driver and most people seemed to be taking up at least two parking spaces. Got checked in without any problems. Typically it took me ages at the security since I have gel products and a laptop. Anyway we then got chosen to go through the full body scan, which we were rather excited about. Neither of us had anything interesting happen so we just went on our merry way.
We stopped by Starbucks to get a soy latte and a chai latte.

Then the fire alarms started going off, which made me nervous even though no one else seem phased at all. I suppose to was a false alarm since they stopped and nothing happened.

waiting for our flight to toronto

Now we're just relaxing in the ever welcoming gate 16. There are some people behind us doing complicated math. I think. They keep saying things like "20 minus", 47 plus 8", "not 99" and other things that make little sense  to me.
They were being even odder earlier, she would say a random word and he's be like "aurora, have I already mentioned that?" then they'd have a good chuckle and everyone's confused.

we're now 10-15 minutes away from boarding. Then a (hopefully) incredible boring and uneventful flight.

my current plan for this blog is to write down what I've been doing a couple of times a day if I can so I don't forget anything and actually post it publicly every night. Or maybe every other night if I don't do much. We'll see.

I already miss Magnus & Da a bit. But clk,gdmvclvc,gm  I am so bloody excited.

A lady just got off a plane and let me tell you some key points about her
- she was a slightly terrifying shade of faux-tan orange
- she was wearing white pants that are at least a size too small
- matching white furry vest and hat
- silver lamé purse
- leopard print hard hard case

she was much more impressive in person.


the last time I see nova scotia for six weeks

We had a delightfully uneventful flight, a little turbulence but nothing scary. I fell asleep about 45 minutes into it and slept for about an hour. We got into Toronto on time, got all our bags and then tried to find the shuttle. We found once place but it told us we had to go back inside to call the hotel so we went back inside and asked some lady at the help desk who looked like she'd stepped off the set of Golden Girls where to go she told us a completely different place and she said "That's a terrible sign. it makes no sense". Which fills one with hope seeing as this is the International Toronto airport.

We did sit next to a dreadful man, who watch The Social Network and was rude to the steward. Ugh.

awful man we sat next to

We eventually got to the hotel and it's just as lovely as we hoped. We went and had dinner in the in-hotel restaurant. We ordered the only two vegetarian things on the menu; a pasta with goat cheese, pesto and char grilled peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes & zucchini and veggie spring rolls. We just shared them and they were both so delicious.
The only odd thing was the waiter, Tyron, only spoke to me. He gave me the wine list, took my order first and then mum just told him hers, asked if I wanted dessert and when I said no he just left and then gave me the bill. Super odd.

We just talked to Magnus & Da and re-packed my bag so the things like the gi were at the bottom and my birkenstocks were at the top. We also found a shirt in the bottom that I thought I'd lost when I packing this morning. So far the only thing I've discovered I've forgotten are a pair of earrings I was going to wear. Which is doing incredibly well considering all the things I need so much more than earrings.

I, unfortunately, have to wake up at 5 tomorrow to make it to the airport far enough in advance. So I shall post this and then go to bed!

Except it turns out I won't be posting it right now, since apparently there's not free wifi in this hostel. So by the time it's posted I will be in the Toronto airport, waiting to board my flight to San Fran.

EDIT: so it also turns out there was no wifi at the Toronto airport, so I'm currently in San Francisco. I'll be post all of today's fun things/tomorrows when I get to Brisbane on Friday. But Thursday since I cross the date line. But here's a photo of me skyping with Magnus in the airport as a bonus.

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