Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 6!

Woke up about a half hour ago.

I got the guy at reception who's name I believe to be T'ron, which sounds impossibly Bermudian, to give me (I mean, I bought. I'm not that smooth) the wifi password.

The German girls moved to another room. They were always meant to apparently, but now it's just me and grumpy again.

Going to Skype with my family in about 45 minutes and make some pasta salad and then find the Pro Dive offices.

And then nap probably.


Well, grumpy german man is 'swapping rooms' too.

I am now alone though, which is sweet.


Well, I didn't stay alone for long. Two more guys, who aren't together but look rather similar. I'd guess german, for no reason really.

I skyped with mum, da &; magnus for an hour and a half or so. It was wonderful talking to them! I love my family.

I then skyped with Liam for like, two hours which was also wonderful. I love him too.

Are you feeling the love? Because I certainly am. <3

Just one big Skype Love fest going on here.

I'm going to clean and bandaged my foot again and then I'm off to find the Pro Dive centre and explore the esplanade a bit, see what's going on this fine Australia Day.


Alright. One of the new roomates was indeed German. His name is Sven and I really haven't spoken to him. Roomate number two is Scottish, his name is Chris. He has a history degree and is now traveling around Au for as long as possible. And he's 23.

Roomate number 3 came in later, another Chris. He's 30 at from Austin, Texas and is taking the scuba course with me. Also seems lovely.

from the hip.

pretty much the pacific ocean.

please note the man basking in the light.

Anyway, went for a walk to find pro dive. I went down to the esplanade, super crowded of course. Ate some chocolate ice cream (it was the first ice cream I've had in Au. So wonderful) and then, while trying to find pro dive I stumbled upon a whole colony of bats! just roosting in trees over the sidewalk. I was so excited you have no idea. Love bats.

I really do love bats.

snuggling bats.

look at his cute little face!

so clever, he learned to itch his very own face!


I found Pro Dive, eventually. Showed them the paperwork I had, everything was in order and it turns out I don't need a medical before the course because someone comes tomorrow to give everyone one. So that's all good. They're picking me up at 8.25 tomorrow morning. I really need to find my alarm clock. Even though I know it means unpacking my whole bag since I think it's on the bottom.

So so so so excited though!

I popped into Cole's on the way hope, luckily not closed. I bought like 4 litres of water for $4. And some more goat cheese because mine froze in the big fridge in the kitchen. This has been put in my in-room fridge and seems fine. Also bought some orange juice.

Came back, talked to scottish chris for a bit, about his (toured) trip though bangkok and to singapore.

The two Chris' and I decided we may as well go out to dinner together. Quite possibly the most surreal dinner of my life. That lad from Leeds I mentioned, Matthew, told us to go to somewhere called the Wool something… Woolworks? Woolworths? Pretty rubbish really, not a lot of veggie stuff. We ended up meeting up with Linda, Stephanie and… Annie? Three girls staying at/working at Traveler's Oasis. Nice enough. Definitely an odd dinner though.

They were talking about how the bartender looked about 16 and how 16 year olds don't always make the best decisions and I was just sitting there, saying nothing.
I don't much like lying about my age, but enough people are weird enough when I say I'm 17 so I don't want to stop really. lmkcjnghnvc.

Chris 1 & 2 decided to go off to some bar, I couldn't be bothered to deal with being possibly carded even though I'm pretty sure the Wool place was 18+ so I came back to the hostel with the girls and am now updating this.

I'm going to drink some orange juice and find my alarm.

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