Monday, January 10, 2011


Since I'm traveling by myself, I obviously need to be able to easily carry everything I'm taking. So I have a camera/laptop/other stuff I want all the time bag & a big pack for cloths and such.
I did a test pack, which I think I'll just leave and not move, this morning and there's what I'm taking.

carry on/camera/laptop bag:
- laptop
- camera
- extra lens
- camera & iPod chargers/firewires.
- iPod
- lonleyplanet guidebook to australia
- two other books, I've yet to decide what two.
- wallet
- passport/tickets and the like
- notebook and pens
- sunglasses & regular glasses
- sunscreen

Pack (which is the pack my mother took on her year long journey to australia 20 years ago):
- four short sleeved shirts. three t shirts and one blouse
- one skirt
- one pair of dress pants
- one pair of blue jeans
- two long sleeved shirts. one button down
- underwear/bras
- four bathing suits
- three sundresses
- one pair of leggings
- one cardigan
- one pair of flip slops
-  one pair of birkenstocks
- one pair of mary jane ballet flat type shoe
- one towel
- two wash cloths
- two sarongs
- toiletries
- first aid kit

And that folks, is everything I'm taking.

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