Saturday, July 28, 2012

28.07.2012 - summer update

Well I'm moving across the world in 24 days, so here are a few photos from my summer thus far. I've got a fair bit of film on my new (for me) minolta xg-m, I'll be getting three rolls of film back from the shop sometime this week so I'll be making a proper post out of that.

Since I last updated I first went to Montréal for a week to have an interview at the Japanese Consulate to finalise my visa application. Thankfully that went smoothly and I got it, which means I can, you know, actually move.

Then I went to Bermuda for a week for 3 days of aikido with Shihan Donovan Waite and to spent some time with my uncle, aunt, and cousins.

Now I'm just spending some time with family and friends before I go, nothing terribly exciting.
I have been hired to shoot some photos for a band, which consists of two of my friends. We'll be shooting most of it with film, which will be a new thing for me! But I'll be posting about that as well, once it's happened.

 Raw ice cream from Raw Vitality. 
It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten, I do believe.

I saw my cousin Sara play a wonderful show at Divan Orange, it was the first time I'd actually seen her play at a real concert and it was a pleasure, of course.

 Giraffe weevil at the Biodôme! 
One of my earlier memories is of going and see this with my father.

 I got to meet my friend Jessica, who I know from flickr. 
We've done the 365 project at various times and I was so lucky to get to meet up for drinks!
 She's just a sweet in real life and has the most adorable French accent, which surprised me for some reason even though she is French, so it's only logical she's got one.

Vegan cupcakes! They're from Cho'Cola. 
They only bake them Thurs through Sun, but believe me, they're worth it. 
Best vegan buttercream frosting I have ever tasted in my whole life.


 Here's Sensei Waite throwing my father.

This is me with my Sensei, Sensei Smith.
He was my first teacher and I have the utmost respect for him.

 Warwick Long Bay on my father's last day there.


 My uncle is a professional photographer who takes a lot of his photos underwater.
I modeled for him and he let me shoot some stuff with his fancy case, which I covet deeply.

 When not underwater he likes to work through Jamie Oliver cookbooks.

 Emma made the best salad ever on my last night there.

And we went and got tattoos together! 

 this is my first one, it's in brown ink which has faded to be almost the exact colour of my freckles.
Which was the whole point, so I'm pleased.

And my second one is in black ink.


Skyping with Josie & Dave. 
They live far away in Seattle so I never see them. 

 The day my friend Chris went back to Montréal.

Magnus and I went on an adventure and ended up at the Sherman Hines Museum of Photography in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.


Well, that's everything I've been doing recently, I'm actually (slowly) working on getting a proper website made so I can have my portfolio somewhere. So you'll be the first to hear about that if it happens!