Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27.02.2013 - Jeffery Campbell! And other stuff!

I know, just a lot time off.
I've been in a bit of a rut lately and haven't been doing anything that warrants a blog post.
But! I've decided to blog everyday for the next week (at least) because sometimes knowing I need to blog is enough of a push to make sure I actually leave the house.

The highlight of today was going to Jeffery Campbell's very first store! It's in Harajuku, on the 3rd floor of the LaForet Building on Meiji Dori (almost at the corner with Omotosando Dori) and is adorable. Unfortunately there's a no photos policy, but I've stolen a few from the grand opening from Tokyo Fashion to show you guys.
(Tokyo Fashion is a great website all around, especially if you like street style photos!)

It only opened on Saturday but they sold out of heaps of stuff in the first few hours, so by the time I got there 4 days later heaps was gone.

I don't really wear sky high heels, so there were a few pairs I tried on that I almost dyed just walking to the mirror in, absolutely no idea how people walk in things with skinny high heels! I decided to stick with lower (more like no) heels for now, we'll see about later!

Firstly look how cute the box is! And they gave me this sticker, which I love. I know it is just about the simplest design possible but that's what I like so much.
Less is more, yo.

Now onto my shoes.
First are these spectacular black boots. I've been looking for the perfect short boot and the fact that they have cut outs is just a delightful bonus.
Super comfortable with and without tights/socks which is yet another delightful bonus.

And secondly these babies. I am in love with them, honestly.
They're part of his limited edition gold line which was made specially for the opening of this shop.
(more of these can been seen in Tokyo Fashion's photos from the opening at the top of this post.)
They're so shiny and golden and comfortable and generally perfect.

On top of these there were three other pairs I really liked, two of which they were sold out of in my size and the third I decided to hold out on, for now!

The staff was super nice, the lady helping me didn't speak much English but she was really sweet and even used her phone to translate a few things she thought I'd like to know.
(This isn't something anyone has to do, so it felt really nice.)

They even gave me a charming beer can holder, which will get lots of use know that it's owned by me. Ha!


Since I'm already making a whole blog post about things I've bought I may as well talk about all the shopping I've done in the past few weeks. Since fashion moves to fast in Tokyo there's almost always really great sales but they've been extra magical in the past few weeks as all the spring/summer stock is coming in.
So lots of chain stores are having sales of up to 80% off, which makes me so happy.

Last week I went and walked all through the Takeshita Dori, Omotosando, Cat Street, and Shibuya Station areas looking at what I could find with cats on it. Not my actual goal, but I really likes cats and so does Japan so I end up with the lot of cat merchandise.

picked up this jumper from TopShop for the aforementioned 80% off.

C ring from TopShop & arrow ring from Forever 21.

Forever 21
it's charming
Also from Forever 21, they were getting rid of a lot of jewelery.

Got this gem on Takeshita Street from some no-name shop.
I then went into Forever 21 and saw a shirt scarily similar.
Same cut, same idea, everything. Colours are a little different, but not far off.

Dress from Forever 21, paired with my new shoes!


Well that's all for now, I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2013

08.02.2013 - Koenji

Hey guys,
I'm sorry for the lack of blogging, I've been insanely busy recently.
I moved which took some time. During that I also threw away about 50% of my belongings.
5 bags of stuff, gone.

It felt good.


I've also been dealing with getting my visa extended which included spending 4 hours at the Immigration Office. What a nightmare. But now it's in the hands of the government, I can't do anything until I hear from them!


I've come down with some sort of stomach flu thing and feel exactly ill enough to not be able to do anything, but well enough to feel like I'm not sick enough to not do anything.
Yuck pretty much sums it up right now.


Yesterday I went to Koenji for the afternoon which is the third biggest vintage/second hand shopping area in Tokyo. (Harajuku & Shimokitazawa being the biggest two, apparently) and it was ok.
I felt pretty sick so I wasn't as into it as I normally would be, I definitely will go back once I'm feeling better.
I tried on a few things I liked, but nothing really jumped out at me. Which I think had more to do with me feeling like I may die than anything else.

I took some photos, but I really want to go back and actually photograph the insides of some of the stores I went into, they were gorgeous!


And today I've done nothing at all really.
I made some pasta salad, which I ate very title of before I started feeling super ill once again, so hopefully I feel better by tomorrow.


Anyway, I'm now listening to Seu Jorge sing David Bowie songs in Portuguese and relaxing and hopefully I will be better by tomorrow. I feel much better today than I did yesterday afternoon, so hopefully it'll be good!