Wednesday, March 27, 2013

28.03.2013 - mobile photos

Since I will no longer own my mobile phone in 2 days I figured it was time to clear out all the inane photos I snap with it and then I thought I better make a blog post with the ones from the past few months.
The first 4 or 5 months I was here I was pretty good about clearing it off and actually posting photos in a timely manner, but then I just ignored it for a while!

Here you go, they're in chronological order.

Yotsuya Station

I used to spend a lot of time in schools.

en route to my Japanese lesson.

more quality time in schools.

cafe Tamayo took me to that I have never been able to find again.

train adverts.


tea on the way to Yokohama.

shibuya I

shibuya II

Magnus' christmas preasant.

designed by little girls?

lunch whilst lost in the Sendagaya area

my view.

NTT, which is apparently the second tallest clock tower in the world.

I don't even know where this is.

tokyo in a nutshel.

but does it 'care'?

vegan pumpkin & rosemary pie, from Eat More Greens.

walking home from the dojo.

dumbest sign ever, imo.

just a short story about the English countryside by Eric Clapton.

pre dojo tea time

more time in schools.

takadanobaba station

shinjuku 7 chome, en route to the dojo.

cherry blossoms in azabu juban last week.


Hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20.03. 2013 - shinjuku gyoen

     I spent this afternoon enjoying the cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen.
It's been a very early spring, apparently, so these are something like a fortnight earlier than normal.
It was really lovely, even though I was not the only person to think of going there today, it was packed!

I saw something like 2 dozens ravens too, which always makes me feel good because I love ravens.
Fun fact right there.

Admittedly, the bit that was fun for me was taking photos of all the other people taking photos of the flowers, because I like creepy hobbies.

But firstly here are some of the flowers themselves! There are a fair few different kinds, plus I think some were plum blossoms? I'm honestly not sure.

And when I saw this fellow I felt like the world was smiling upon me.
He had a rather large audience and japanese & foreign alike seemed to be equally amused.

And now onto my favourite hobby; taking photos of strangers without them knowing.
Like stalking, but with less of a point.
Due to the lens I had on, it's really impossible to tell if I'm taking a photo of a pretty little flower or someone off in the distance with a camera.


There you go! 
I hope you have a good today and a pleasant tomorrow.