Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 5! In which I don't die on the way to Cairns.

Woke up at 6.30 when Stephanie & Laura got up. Stephanie to go to Byron Bay for a few days and Laura to do a day trip to the Morton Islands.
Anyway, said goodbye to them and then couldn't go back to sleep.
Took a nice shower.

I used the internet and I first thing I saw was about the bombing in the Moscow airport. Not really what I wasn't to see the day I fly somewhere. But I'm thinking much more about the people/families of the people there than myself in this case.
Believe it or not, I have empathy sometimes.
On special occasions.

I properly cleaned out the blister on my left root, which is now the worse one. Because when it split yesterday it was fine but during it night it split more… into the skin that was not blistered. So I cut as much of the excess skin off as I could and put antiseptic cream on it and bandaged it up. Yay first aid kits!
The right one's still a little sore but it seemed much better this morning.

My body is basically falling apart around me.

Before I leave for the airport I'm going to book another four nights here for the nights of the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th of March so I don't have to worry about keeping money for that.

Going to the airport in about an hour and half, even though my flight isn't for ages because I need to get my boarding pass printed and I'd rather be there than here.
I bought my Airtrain ticket last night, I have everything written down about my flight and it's all looking good.

Now at the airport, I have about  45 minutes until boarding.

I booked my four nights in March, prepaid.

I checked out at 10, then hung around and talked to Stef, Marion & Rachel for half an hour before leaving.
Walked to the station with no problem, since I bought my ticket last night I got right through platform 7 with no issues what so ever. I saw this girl who looked about 14 and she had four lip piercings (snake bites and angel bites), her nose, her bridge, both eyebrows and a bunch of other piercings in her ear. I, personally, think it takes a certain type of person to work that much metal in their face and she didn't have what it took.

Then I figured I had about 15 minutes so I took a few photos of pigeons and read my book for a while and when I look up again it's 11.19 but, in theory, my train was leaving and 11.06. I was a bit confused because on the board it still said "11.06 express to airport - on time"
Anyway, got on the train at around 11.20 and got to the airport at about 11.45.
I took a whole bunch of photos on the train here, these are just a few. I realized I really like photos of car parks from above.

Got all checked in, he just gave me a receipt thing, so I assume when someone comes to open up out gate I can give them that. I'm feeling nervous about it for no reason since I know that's the case.

I got some more tea, burned my mouth again on said tea. No matter how long I wait, no matter how cool it looks… I always burn my mouth.

I may go find a muffin or something. While chatting with my (ex, I suppose) room mates I ate the rest of my rice crackers & goat cheese but there wasn't much of either. And I'm not going to eat until tonight probably.
So maybe I better.


You know what's really ugly in my opinion? flip flops with heels. Not those platform wedge ones (not that I like them much either) but ones with genuine heels. Gross.

 It is 31 C here. Sweet jesus I am dying right now.

On my flight I was in the aisle, no one in the middle & some middle aged lady who seemed really nervous in the window.
I slept most of the way, so I don't know how it was. Fine I assume.

I eventually got my bag, I was at the wrong bag place for a while because it just said "Brisbane" not the flight number, but I got everything eventually. For a while I was waiting next to possibly the tallest man I've ever met. At a guess I'd say he was 6 foot 7. So. Tall.

Took a shuttle here, during the drive I had an "I'm so far away from home and everyone's just treating me like an adult and that's scary" moment. I think because I knew people in Brisbane it felt less foreign. But now it's like, I know no one and once my course is done on the 31st I don't know what I'm doing, where I'm going or anything. weee!

 got settled. The lady working at reception looks remarkably like Katy Perry.
I'm in Room 1. There are four beds and only one other is occupied, by a man who reminds me of Josh the cook from camp. Minus the beard.
Little weird, I'm not 100% sure how to deal with it yet.

So far I like the place alright, it's not exactly breath taking.
I was talking to a guy who got back from his 5 day open water course with pro dive (the one I'm taking) today and he said it was the best thing. So I'm stoked about that!

First thing I did was went over to Coles to grab some food (I bought pretty much the same thing I bought in brisbane, but bananas instead of an onion.)
That store has amazing dairy and meat sections but not so great produce. Bleh.

I think this is the first time I've seen a brand that I recognize from Nova Scotia. I almost bought it.

I also got some nail varnish remover.
That was quite possibly the least interesting sentence ever… anyway.

As I was walking out of the mall thing I saw all these 'birds' by the edge of the parking lot. (the parking lot is 2 stories up, you have to walk/drive down ramps to get to the road.) but when I got closer I realized they were bats! hcm,gdvgmh,clkgmdlvgcmlv so close to me!
Since I'm a pro, I stopped by the edge, put everything down, changed to me telephoto lens and snapped a few photos. I was using manual focus because the camera has issues focusing that fast when I have to always be moving it. So a lot of them ended up blurry, sadly. But everyone's been telling me that they're always about so I should be able to take more soon.


so excited!


Anyway, I'm going to have to update this late because the internet is done in shifts and no matter when you start them they end at 10 AM the next morning. And I'm skyping with my family at 11 so I'm going to start it tomorrow morning. Then I should be fine updating at night. I think.
I'm not going to be able to update on the boat though, I don't think. Buttt I'll still be typing everything up daily and there will be a crazy long post at the end.

Ol' roomie's not being very friendly. He just came in to get some clothes and didn't even smile. Oh for fucks sake, so typical for me to get landed with the grumpy man.

Went and ate some cracker and goat cheese for dinner.
Met a lady called Anna from Finland, who was alright; a guy called Stefan from Denmark, who seems awesome but looks like the guy who played Jaws in the James Bonds & a lovely lad from Leeds, who's name is escaping me right now. But he's fabulous and really made me feel more comfortable.

Roomie still hasn't spoken to me, he was outside eating too and just sort of looked at me.

Well, typically, right after I wrote that he came in and talked to me like I was a normal person. Why must I be so confused about people all the time?
I'm now trying to remember his name too. What is with me forgetting names suddenly!?

It's really open here, like the windows are open with no screens and I'm feeling a tad nervous about all the things that might kill me. But then again, at least I'd die in my sleep. Maybe.

oddly placed and unrelated paintings on the wall of my room.

My left blister is still giving me issues. My (very nice) bandage came off sometime, so I think I walked all the way to the store and back without it. I'm a little worried but it's not too bad. I'll give it a proper cleaning again tomorrow morning. And all the walking I have to do is get to Pro Dive and check in etc. So I ought to be alright.

Two new girls, dunno where they're from but they look english.
Anyway, at least I'm not the only one in here with grumpy grumpkins.

The girls are German. Anna is the blonde one and Emily is the brunette.
They're re-applying makeup like crazy.

good lord.

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