Friday, February 11, 2011

day 21.

I had really creepy dreams last night, I don't know what happened but I woke up a lot feel nervous about stuff. Ugh.

I also somehow didn't log out of the internet, even though I know I clicked the button, so I'm going to have to go buy it again. It's 8.59 so I'll go get it at 10. Don't ask why 10, just seems like the right time. haha.


Today was lovely!
I met Megan & Wayne at 11, we went over to some street. Brunswick Street I think.
Looked around at street art and vintage stores/marvelled at the fact that we were really in the same place. So exciting!

Brusnwick Street.

We got lunch at this phenomenal veggie bar. The Vegie Bar (
It was pretty much my dream restaurant. I had a banana, honey & bee pollen soy smoothie & a burrito type thing with salad.
All the people working there were adorable hippy girls and I could have lived there.

Walked around some more, went to a bookstore and a guitar store.

Walked about some more then went to a park somewhere. Fenwick? Maybe. Saw some hilarious asian wedding photos being taken, except we think maybe they were just for a magazine or something. It was so funny. And of course Megan & took took the needed photos!

together in real life!

Then we popped over to 'The Shrine" which I think is a sort of huge remembrance building. Saw the eternal flame and then we happened to be there at the right time for some sunlight to shine through a special hole in the roof and shine on a stone. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what exactly what was going on, but oh well.

the eternal flame.

the magical bit of sun, shining through the roof onto the magical stone.

melbourne skyline.

It started to rain a bit so they came and dropped me back at my hostel.
I am so happy I got to meet them & they're pretty sure they're going to be at the St. Kilda Festival on Sunday too, so I'll probably see them. I think I said this but I'll say it again anyway, James, Frances & Wally are all going to be there and it's Delano's day off so I'm going to see if he'll come too.
It'll be one big happy fest, no?

I think I might go find some tea or something, I feel like getting out of the hostel for a bit longer and I think the rain's stopped for now. Hopefully!

Read more of my book, I bet I'm going to finish it tonight. I'm going to need something to read after this!

I also rented The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, might watch that tonight.
I still haven't seen The Girl Who Plays With Fire, but you can't rent that for some reason. Only buy it, bummer. But I know what happens, so it's not a huge deal.

Popped out and ate some food.
Went to a different asian-y place, since those are the nearest.
I ordered vegetarian noodle something or other and got something that most definitely was not that. I think it was vegetarian fried rice. At least it was still veggies. But it was also the spiciest thing I've ever eaten in my whole life. I just about died.
But it wasn't too shabby, for fried asian street food in australia.


finished my book.

there's this girl, sitting by the foot of my bed talking on the phone and bawling.
I don't know what to do, no one seems to want to say anything since she's on the phone, but it's so terrible.

shit man.


I'm just going to go to sleep now, I dunno, I'm in a bit of a weird mood. And I have nothing planned for tomorrow. Take a walk, go to Time Out for lunch even though I don't really like eating by myself…
Hit up some museums maybe.

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