Friday, February 11, 2011

day twenty.

I totally confused myself this morning since I changed my watch on the plane but not my laptop, so I had no idea what time it was.

Took a shower. The showers here have good water pressure, but make the entire bathroom wet no matter what you do. So that's a bummer.

I walked to Flinder's Street Station to meet James & Frances but, of course, I was in the wrong place. I was at Flinder's Street station, but not the normal entrance so we missed each other. I waited for like half an hour before I went to find an internet cafe and Facebook her. We figured out that happened and I went to try to find them, got terribly lost and went to a McDonald's since they have free wifi and don't even care if you buy anything. I tod some lady my phone had been stolen so she let me borrow hers and I finally got in touch and they came and saved me from the crazy people who go to McDonald's. They'd brought their friend, who's name I'm 99.8% sure is Wally. But who knows. By this time it was like 12.15 so we went and got some soup for lunch, which we ate in a park somewhere.

frances enjoying her pumpkin soup.

We just chilled out there for a bit, Frances took an aikido the other day and really wants to start we we talked aikido for a bit and then I showed them the trick where you become super heavy without doing anything & the unbendable arm one too. I love those.

wally! apparently the only photo I took of her all day, which is weird.

contact juggling part I

part II

Walked around for a bit, walked past Time Out (the restaurant Katherine (a lady I worked with in Lunenburg) used to be the head chef at). I think I'm going to go there tomorrow maybe, definitely going to go sometime.

The Boothroyd's are now staying in Melbourne until the 18th, which is awesome since it means I get to have my birthday with them :)
There's a sweet music festival going on in St. Kilda over the weekend and on Sunday everything's free so we're going to met up and go to that.

We went to an art centre where Frances serenaded the guy working at the bag leaving place since he jokingly said she should, since she carries her ukulele around. It was amazing.

We went to see an exhibition called Naked Something-or-other: Self Portraits. It was all kinds of self portraits from all different periods of time. painted, drawn, photographed, sculpted, anything. It was so so awesome.

Got some ice cream and Frances decided she wanted to get her tragus pierced today. I, obviously, am all for them so we decided it was a sweet idea.

First we stopped by Coles since I wanted to get some orange juice & bread to have for breakfast's here, since I'm here for ages and ages.


Went to some place Wally knew about, Off Your Tree I think, and she got it done! Right side, same as me. She was only allowed to have one person in the room with her and Wally really wanted to be the one, so she went in and James & I looked at all the mercy for a bit since it took forever. Apparently they were just talking to the guy a lot. Which is good.
They seemed really good, they were calm and asked for all the proper ID and stuff.
She said he was good at doing it too, she didn't hear it the same as me… which is a good thing.


So we walked back to Elizabeth Street together and then they went back to the train station so go back to Wally's house (where they're staying) and I walked back to the hostel.
Where I now am.

I'm not sure of my plans for the evening, I don't think I want food. I have my bread anyway.
Might watch another movie later, we'll see.


I've been reading my book (Best European Fiction of 2011, which is short stories from different european countries) for the past 2 1/2 hours. I read 5 stories. One was outstanding, two were pretty good, one was not that interesting but still good and I hated one.

Right after I wrote that Delano got back from work so we hung out for a while, talked about books and listened to a whole bunch of music he liked. Which I've already forgotten the genre name of. It was electronic something or other. I think.
I liked most of it though, so.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Megan ( and her fiancee Wayne.
Megan's someone I know from flickr, we were going our first years of 365 together. I don't know Wayne at all but I figure if Megan wants to marry him it's a good sign.
I'm a bit nervous about meeting them, but I;m sure it'll be awesome.

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