Monday, February 7, 2011

days 16 & 17.

February 6th.

I'm back in Gloria Jean's, drinking a flat white and sweating.

Don't ask me why I ordered a hot drink, I don't know.

It is so hot here though.
It's like 33 C right now.

I woke up this morning and put my backpack and two water bottles on the (then empty) bottom bunk below me so I could be there then I went and brushed my teeth and stuff.
When I came back these two german girls had moved in and one of them had moved my bag & the water onto the floor and taken the bunk for herself!
I called her on it and she was like "I thought someone was just storing it there since the bed wasn't made"
But seriously? you think that if there's clearly people's stuff on there it's not taken?

Bad hostel etiquette yo.

And remember Emily & Anna? the German girls from when I first got to Cairns?
They're here too.

After my coffee, I'm going to go into Elizabeth Square a wander about a bit. Maybe grab some sushi or something.
I still really want another piercing, but I don't know what.

Maybe my tragus. I wonder if that would be OK in aikido?

hm. I could wear a labret in it so it'd be flat-ish.

Walked down to Brisbane Place where there was some sort of suitcase sale shit going on. Basically a lot of people too hip & ironic for their own good were selling vintage stuff. My dream come true.
I bought this awesome blue belt, looks like it'd be best worn with a cocktail jumpsuit. It's pretty bitchin'.

Walked down into the queen street mall, went and tried on this really awesome sundress. It was one of those dresses that you could dress up with tights and nice shoes or throw on over a bathing suit to go to the beach. But it was $60, so I decided to wait.

then I decided I wanted my tragus piercing right then and there. So I went and got it!

sorry for these awful photos, I should have used a flash. But oh well.



Walked back through the mall, went and bought a different dress which was on sale for $11 from down $35.

Went into the Meyer's mall thing looking for a camera store and ended up in a MAC store, where I realized I was talking to Sara, who's a girl who's blog I follow. (
I made a total fool of myself saying I liked her blog, then left to find someone to shoot me.

Found the camera store eventually, they recommended a repair company. But they're closed on Sundays to I need to call tomorrow.

Came back to my hostel and Deana had told me I could stay at their house, which is amazing. I'm moving there tomorrow (on the 7th) and will be there until my camera's fixed. However long that may take, hopefully not long.
Cross fingers for quick fix!

Read my book for a little bit, took an hour long nap and then decided I should make real food for dinner. Made some pasta with feta & olives. It was actually pretty delicious. Ate dinner with Nicola. Decided I want a bat tattoo. ha.

Came back to my room and met two new girls, Jen & something else like Jen. Anna or Molly or something. Jen's from Calgary & the other one's from somewhere in Virgina. They're nurses.

Talked to Kim (the scottish girl who works for the Red Cross who was staying here before I left for Cairns) for a bit.

Now I'm going to sleep, going over to the Hannah's house tomorrow morning.

I'm having trouble with the internet in my room and I don't feel like going downstairs so I'm just going to update this tomorrow, on the 7th. So sorry!


February 7th.

Woke up and took a shower, which made me feel a thousand times better.

Then I was supposed to Skype with my family but I took too long in the shower and missed them.
I ate some feta & bread for breakfast and then went and found the bus station.
I found it mostly fine and got to Kangaroo Point fine.

thanks to magnus' google earth stalking I knew what the building looked like.

view from their balcony.

Talked to Kizzle & Trevor a while then Deana, Kiz & I went to some health food store. I bought some chocolate, which is some of the first chocolate I've had in Au.
 It was awesome.

sweet handmade spiral ring.

We got back and I was going to call the camera store but then I figured I'd check to make sure it hadn't magically fixed itself or anything, and as it turns out, it had.
It's working 100% fine. I changed the lens, it auto & manually focuses, no black part or anything.

this is the last normal photo I took with my camera before it went funny. It's the sunrise over a peninsula by Cairns when we were going out to the reef on the 28th.

Now my plan is to stay here tonight & tomorrow night, then probably fly to Melbourne on Wednesday. I need to see how much flights are since I need to be able to fly to & from Alice… so we'll see.

At like, 3 we went and had coffee with some ladies Deana knows. It was hilarious/awesome. In a weird way.

Anyway, got back and checked on my camera which is working fine still. I am still so fucking excited.

Tomorrow all I need to do is talk to the airline and mane book a flight to Melbourne, we'll see.


Basically hung out for the rest of the day. I helped the Hannah's move some stuff out of the basement & gave Kiz a haircut.

the after shot, since I somehow forgot a before one. I pretty much just cut the back shorter & shaped the front.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow so far, Kiz is taking a barista course from 9-3 so I'll probably explore Fortitude Valley or go back into Brisbane proper. Maybe go to the botanical gardens or something.

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