Saturday, February 19, 2011

day 30 (last post for three days.)

Those god damn English girls woke me up at fucking 5 while they got up and shit. Then at quarter to six 22 comes in and realized 35 is still asleep and they have a fucking our conversation and 35's like "I STILL NEED TO SHOWER". Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you slept until you were about to be late? Stupid girls.

Ugh, thank god they're gone.

at 8.15 I walked over to where I thought the dojo was and I was sort of right. I sat outside the front gate until like five to 9 when some dance teacher came up and told me they were "round back" which they were. Perfectly there and ready for class to start. Ugh, I quickly got changed and joined class.
The way it works on Saturday mornings is from 9-10 it's adults and some kids and then from 10- whenever (about 10.45) it's adults only.

I nearly died. I actually had to sit down about 45 minutes in after doing iriminage for the whole time because I thought I was going to pass out and/or throw up.
The heat was intense. It was 36 C inside the dojo. There's a thermometer, I checked.
But then we slowed down a little, we actually did weapons for the 45 child-less minutes.
Then they told me they always go out for coffee/breakfast after class and did I want to come. I love coffee so I did and they were all really nice, told me about a few other good dojos in AU. And they said someone could give me a ride back to the YHA after class on Tuesday if I needed it, which I did. And apparently they normally go out for pizza after class anyway. They seem to eat a lot of meals together? It's nice for me.

We spent like an hour there and they were all pretty awesome really. Odd, but hey, they do aikido.


I came back and packed for the next three days. I'm leaving at 6 AM tomorrow morning & wont be getting back until late Tuesday afternoon. So I won't be posting for the next three days.
I'm just taking my little backpack, do it's all about packing light.

I also took a shower. My hair is a mess right now. See, I've not been washing it with real shampoo or anything since I got here. Just bar soap and this gentle wash/conditioner/shaving cream/magic soap shit from LUSH. Which is pretty much more bar soap and it's been super fine. But then yesterday I used Dr. Bronners instead, which is normally fine on my hair but it got super greasy yesterday afternoon and felt weird this morning. I washed it again, mostly just rinsing it today and it feels a bit better. Poor hair.
The water pressure in the showers here is zero. It's actually like trying to shower in the rain or something. Gkjhkjhckmhsjngdvchsk, stupid.


In other lovely news, James got my water bottle from than Indian place for me.
He's just going to mail it back to NS since I don't know where I'll be or when here.
So it's still annoying that I forgot it, but I'll have it back in three weeks. Pretty spiffy.


It's now 4.45 so I'm thinking about going out to find food. I dunno, I feel a bit sick again.
I have a headache and I feel a bit nauseous. I just going really know, I think maybe I'm not drinking enough water. I'll go drink some right now actually.


I just watched some more Psych and tried to sleep.
My headache is so bad, it's driving me insane. But I've been drinking a lot of water and should feel better.

I'm posting this early since my internet is about to run out and i don't want to buy more since I'm leaving super early in the morning.

I'll be updating on Tuesday night, which is Tuesday morning-ish for you north americans.

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