Monday, February 14, 2011

day 25.

Woke up this morning, my throat felt a little sore but I figured it was just from the air con. Said goodbye to Delano, talked to my family on Skype, which was almost as bad as before. So maybe it's my laptop. Or Melbourne.
I dunno.

I was super tired so I went back to bed, setting my alarm for 11 so I'd have plenty of time to walk and meet Megan in Fed Square for lunch at noon. But, I slept through said alarm, woke up at 11.57 and instead of telling her figured Id just walk down there ad be 15 minutes late.


I got so lost, I don't understand where. But I was well and truly gone, I didn't even know how to begin getting back to a place I knew. I'm pretty sure I walked to South Melbourne, but to be honest, I could have been anywhere.

After about 45 minutes I finally end up back by King Street. Which means I was going in literally the wrong direction before.
I'd started to feel worse and worse during said hike/walk/deathmarch so I decided to just go back to the hostel and explain what happened via Facebook. I felt so bad, I hate doing shit like that to people.

Finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest then took a two hour nap.

Researched flights/trains to Alice from here. I think I might have figured it out.

Took another nap, from about 3 - 5.30, woke up with a bit of a headache but drank some water and it went away.

I realized I hadn't eaten again today so I went and bought a Subway sandwich.
Yes, let the judging begin.
But it's the only places to eat within a 5 minute walk are that, dodgy asain place, better but still dodgy asain place or pizza. And since I've been feeling a bit nauseous all day I didn't think a lot of cheese would help.
I'm going to eat that then maybe watch a movie.

I knew I was going to get sick, but it doesn't mean I want too. Ugh.

I ate my sandwich while watching TED talks, felt sorry for myself for a little bit, napped again briefly.

I took a grand total of 1 photo today, and that's only so I don't miss a day of 365. You know what? Have it. Enjoy my illness.

I am now going to listen to Avril Lavigne and fall asleep, hopefully.
It's one of those moments when you really want ridiculous tween girl music.

I hope I feel better tomorrow, I really do.

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