Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My birthday! (day 27)

Woke up.
Took a deep breath in.
Drank some water, not too much since I wasn't very thirsty.
Lay back down, but didn't go back to sleep.
Just lay there for a few minutes.
Drank some more water since it turned out I was thirstier than I'd originally though but that first sip had made me realize, you know?

Got dressed.


I decided to take myself out for breakfast before meeting James & Frances at noonish, so I used Urban Spoon and found this little place about 3 blocks from me called Affogato. All the reviews were really good and everyone said it wasn't too expensive so I figured that was my kind of place.
I also decided to get all pretty for myself, so I actually wore a nice skirt and did my makeup and hair. The whole 9 yards.

really my birthday.

I went there and it was so amazing. It's not a place I ever ever would have found but , if I wasn't leaving tomorrow, I would go back to in a heartbeat. I had a soy ice coffee and a vegetarian omelette. The coffee was so good & they brought me a newspaper to read and everything. Only downside was I asked for no tomatoes and the waitress forgot to tell the kitchen that, but she remembered as soon as she brought it to me & offered another one of course, but I just had it because it was big pieces and I could handle it. What with being 17 now.
I even got her to take my photo, just to show I go out to breakfast by myself.

is it possible that I'm getting paler?

Went to a camera store where one of the guys working there was terribly rude to me.
I was looking at a 7D (the SLR I have) manual and we had the following conversation.

him (in a awful condescending way) "is that your dream camera?"
me "uh, no. I already own it actually"
him " you own a 7D?"
me "yes."
him "oh, did someone give it to you for christmas since you like photography?"
me "no. I bought it myself last March"
him "you bought it yourself? that's a lot of money"
me "excuse me, I'm a semi-professional photographer. I bought it with the money I got from my solo photography show"
him "solo art show?"
me "yes. as in, f only my work. you know, where people buy your photos?"
him "oh."

and then he walked away.
What is it with me meeting fuck heads when it comes to photography??

Luckily, that was the only bad bit of my day.


After that I got lost. Ha. I don't even know how I do it.
Anyway, checked Facebook at some McDonald's and met up with James & Frances at Flinder's Station.

We grabbed some soup on Degraves Street and went and ate it in a park.

Walked around looking in alleys for street art, we found some awesome stuff. Including some guy called Mike (maybe Mick, I never know what these australians are saying) doing awesome stuff on some wall in some back alley.
Needless to say I took a shit ton of photos.


We ran into some girl called Jelly who they know from Brisbane, then she wandered off to do who knows what.

correct pose for the professional.

they love me here!

Got some coffee. Drank it. Slowly since it was hot.

sweet-ass band.

Wandered around a little more, went in a few thrift stores but didn't really find anything good.

Ran into Jelly again, we went and sat in a different park for a while. James and I wanted to get ice cream, but there was no one at the store. It was clearly open, but deserted which is weird. So we got something else called... Granitas? I'm not sure. It was like a snow cone, but more liquid and less 'snow'
I got lemon, which was terribly bitter & he got orange which was terribly sweet.
Found a bracelet on the ground, it's just ugly enough to work well with my other ugly bracelet. I didn't take a photo of them together, but I will tomorrow because it's fantastic.

sort of delicious.


The four of us hung out and chatted for like an hour. Jelly was super odd. I'm not entirely sure I liked her.

She buggered off and we decided we wanted to go up the Skytower, which was basically a viewing platform on the 88th floor of some building I've forgotten the name off. We stopped to buy juice and chocolate covered almonds.

it secretes slimness? they can't spell secrets?

The Eureka Skydeck.

Went up, looked all around from all the windows. The view was awesome, I do adore tall buildings. We went out to this part where there's just wire, no glass. So you can feel the breeze and stuff. Watched some guys play cricket via the built in binoculars. Took photos of the courts where the Australian Open happen. Haha, how lame is that?


The super awesome shoe covers we had to wear while actually on the glass.

We went out to the SkyDeck where, of course, you weren't allowed a camera so they could take a photo and sell it to you. I definitely caved and bought it since, hell, why not? It's both terrible and now one of my most prized possessions. I think I'm going to have to mail it home though, I have no idea how to travel with it.I also haven't taken a photo of it yet, so tomorrow.

We came down and decided we needed dinner, so we went to some vegetarian indian type place. It was pretty delicious and they were nice enough to buy it for me since it's my birthday.

We walked back to the hostel so Frances to could all her clothes that I took by mistake from St. Kilda a few days ago and got caught in the rain. So we were soaking wet.

We hugged and cried and hugged and cried for a while.
It's so dreadful to think I might not see them for years or something. :(
I'm so happy I met them and got to know them.
And I love them both dearly.

All in all, it was a really great birthday.
In fact, it's the first birthday I've ever had away from my family and they made it wonderful.

Could I gush some more? Not really actually.

I'm super excited to fly to Alice Springs tomorrow!
I don't have a hostel booked, but the YHA has a shit ton of free space so I'm just going to show up there and hope.
Sadly, I have to wake up at 5.45, but it's ok. I can handle it.

I really want to Skype with my family, but they're not online and there's not much I can do about it.


I managed to skype, sort of. For some reason they couldn't hear me. But we could see eachother and I could hear them, so it wasn't too bad. Bu could have been so much better.

I also just realized that Judi (one of the girls I got to know in Cairns) is in Melbourne and has been here for like, four days. But she's leaving in three days, so I missed my chance to see her since I forgot what city she was in. Bummer!

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  1. haha, i'm so glad you had a good birthday. touched you decided to spend it with us :) ox (i'm pretty sure it was soccer we watched through the binoes... just thought i'd say, seeing as you're all hooked on details ;)