Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 26.

I feel a thousand times better this morning.
Still a bit... weak? just extra tired I guess.
But mostly I feel chipper.

So there's this asian couple who checked in yesterday afternoon and are sleeping right across from me. She's where Delano was and he's in the bunk above her.
Basically they're the rudest hostel users ever. All afternoon they wanted to sleep so anytime anyone spoke too loudly or something one of them would groan or a few times they even said something. And they kept turning the light off. Even though it was the middle of the afternoon because of how the room is designed, it's pretty dark on our side. So lots of people wanted the light on so they could read or just so they're not living in the goddamn twilight zone.

Well, it's a different story this morning when they were ready to be awake and face the day at 7.45
They started talking loudly and making a lot of noise.
Then they turned on the room light but I told them they needed to turn it off because it was too early and they didn't do anything. So I had to actually get out of bed and turn it off. They probably hate me now, but at least they left it off.
Ugh, he's using one of the useless lockers too, and every time he opens the door to it he lets it swing so it hits my bedframe.
God fucking damn.

Well the asian couple left and now there's a lady from Indonesia who's name I think is Angel who seems to spend most of her time blowing her nose. For fucks sake, it's literally every 5 minutes. Gonna kill her.

I went back to the Immigration Museum and looked at all the other stuff that I missed last time and went through the West Africa bit again too.

Then I strolled down to Fed Square had a pizza at Time Out.

my pizza from Tine Out.

I went back to the museum that James, Frances and I went and saw that Self Portrait show in. Looked at Aborginal art, some of which was so stunning.

the story that goes with the painting below. You can click on the photo to enlarge it, if you'd like.

Old Woman's Traveling Story

Anwerlarr Anganenty (Big Yam Dreaming) by Emily Kam Kngwarray

The collection of someone, Joseph Brown I think. Some of it was a little twee for my tastes but some of it was amazing.

Parrots Attacking Traveler & Traveler Who's Now Nervous About Parrots Attacking Her.

I want this painting more than I wanted anything else I saw.

It's just so... perfect.

Went and looked at the Self Portrait one again too, it was still awesome.

remember that vintage dress I bought back on day 3? well, here's a terrible photo of it.

lady copying a self portrait.

Also looked at one that didn't exactly seem to have a 'point', but some of it was sweet. Of course.

Walked back to the hostel a different way than I normally do, which I was a bit worried about since I can never find anything but I made it all the way back without using my map once.
Like a boss.

I figured out everything with my flight to Alice Springs & the train back. I'm taking the Ghan to Adalaide, so I am so excited.

I actually opened and looked at my Loney Planet Australia guidebook for the first time since I got here, over three weeks ago.
I found some interesting stuff. Believe it or not, it's like someone had put effort into making a well rounded book on this country...

I took another nap, since I want to feel 100% tomorrow since it's my birthday! I'm going to be 17, in case you weren't sure. 17 on the 16th. Seems good.

James, Frances and I are going to go up to Brunswick Street and walk around and go to the Vegie Bar again. Speaking of which, I discovered this lady I know from Bermuda used to live near there and work at the Vegie Bar like, 10 years ago.
I love stuff like that.

My iPod has decided to be a little bitch. It's frozen and won't do anything. So I'm letting it drain and hopefully when I re-charge it it'll be nicer.

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