Friday, February 4, 2011

days 14 & 15.

February 3rd

It pretty much rained all day. Not just rain, but monsoonal rain. Like, rain drops almost hurt they're so big rain. Thus, I stayed inside.
I napped a bit, read a bit and just relaxed.
I also watched Baby Mama, which I'd rented for the plane ride to Au, but never watched. It was alright, the beginning and middle was hilarious but I didn't much like the ending… bit of a bummer.

What with all the rain the Green Ant flooded so they didn't open, Taveler's Oasis did a pizza night instead.

A bunch of people we swimming too, but there was a storm practically right above us. In fact, the neighbours had a tree stuck my lightning. John made them get out at that point, for obvious reasons.

We had a fuck ton of pizza, I was so hungry since I hadn't eaten all day.

Then everyone decided to go to the Wool Shed, get drunk and dance. I, as per normal, skipped the getting drunk bit, but enjoyed dancing all the same.

yuri, john & lili

john's brother, who's name I never did learn.

We were there from 11 until 3.30 and then came back and hung out in the pool and generally enjoyed ourselves. I went to bed at 5.30 and Lili Yuri didn't come in until 6 I think.


It was so so much fun though, everyone was dancing on the tables and having an awesome time.

They almost didn't let me in since I didn't have ID. But I just lied about my birthday and hen John was like "why the fuck didn't you bring ID? yeah yeah, she's over 18, I've seen her passport. she's staying at my hostel."

And thus once again, I was allowed in.

February 4th.

I was supposed to Skype with my family at 10, but the internet but out at around 8 this morning and didn't come back on until noon. So I walked into town with Bethen & Nicola and had a look around got some brunch and hid from the rain.

When I'd finished eating my eggs and we were waiting for Ellen to arrive this sassy little bird flew up and sat on the table & ate some of the egg.

We walked back into the centre of town, via the bat trees.
they have successfully documented the bats.

I left the three of them there since they wanted to do some more wandering a walk back by myself and by the entrance to the shopping centre there was a random grocery store cart with one man's shoe in it. It was bizarre and awesome.

conceptual, movable art?


I'm back now, after I've written this I'm going to triple check when my flight is tomorrow and get a taxi asked for the morning etc.

I'm just going to pack and shower and chill out all day, since nothing else is happening.

So in the end I didn't shower. Oh well.

I went downstairs and used the computer for a bit. Then ended up locked out of my room since Yuri & Lili decided that would be the one time they locked the door when they left. Oh well. And it was 3 so the office was closed.
I talked to Judi for a little bit and then took a 2 hour nap in a hammock.
So. Sweet.

I packed my bag, which took ages for some reason.
Then I went and booked my taxi for the morning  (9 AM pick up, get to the airport at 9.15 and my flight's at 12.40, so I should be fine.) & talked to Helen, John & Stephanie for a little bit. They're the best receptionists/all around do-everything people ever. I'm actually going to miss them when I leave.

I might go to the Green Ant for dinner, I need to find Ellen, Bethen & Nicola to see if they're still going to cook all their pasta… because if they are I'll just mooch and not pay for anything.


Ended up not eating dinner with the girls, since they decided to make it without finding me… so that was nice.

I helped Lili change her flight for tomorrow, she had everything organized fine but was having trouble understand what the guy was saying on the phone & he couldn't understand her really at all so I translated between them and everything got sorted out fine.

I ate with Judi, Josef & Angelika, they were trying to get rid of a bunch of food before they leave. So it was my favourite, nibbles. Some garlic bread, some watermelon, some cheesy biscuit things… ideal food really.

Then Josef left for the airport and Angelika disappeared off somewhere so Judi and I talked to Yuri & Lili for a while. Turns out Lili has been studying here in Australia for a few months. It's fascinating to hear about how they live. Yuri lives in Shanghai in a bank even though her major was biology. But they were telling so much about stigma and stuff, it's just so different from here.

I have to wake up at 8.30 tomorrow morning, fuck, I really hope my alarm goes off.


I actually just checked that my alarm works and it does so I'm ok.
Tomorrow night I'll be back in Brisbane, I'll try to take tons of photos on the way,

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