Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 19! in which I make it to Melbourne.

Woke up around 7.30, ate some watermelon, said goodbye to Kiz & at 8.15 Deana drove me to the Fortitude Vallay train station where I caught the airtrain to the airport. I damn near missed it too, which would have been a bummer since I'd have had to wait 15 minutes for the next one.

my train.

Got to the airport, printed my boarding pass (I changed my seat to one where I'd have a good, wing-less, view of anything out the window), got through security fine. I was much more prepared than when I went to Cairns when I still had my camera in my pocket and belt on. I don't know why I'd suddenly forgotten how airport security works, but I had.
Anyway, ate some pasta salad and had a coffee. And took photos of myself. Typically.


I'd hate to have a blog post without a photo of myself.

Boarded fine and seemed to be by myself in a whole row, I knew I wasn't since I'd seen when I changed my seat, but I dreamed. Not for long though since a woman with a 15 month old sat in the middle and her mother sat in the aisle.
They were actually pretty good, considering.
Rosie (the little girl) wasn't a cryer, so that's a bonus. She was absolutely fascinated with my nose piercings/pants. (I was wearing my camp jeans, which are covered in drawing and writing.)

I took some photos taking off, I chose well since I had the perfect view.

leaving brisbane.

During the flight I napped a little and talked a little to the people next to me, who's names I never got… other than Rosie's obviously.

Took a bunch more photos while we landed, I didn't have a view of the city centre but got ones of endless suburbs. Which are oddly beautiful to me. From the air anyway.

melbourne suburbs.

I didn't have the faintest idea where I was going, but I figured it was near the city centre so after I'd gotten my bag I just got on a skybus into the city. I figured, worst come to worst, I could get a taxi from the station since I did know the address.

As it, handily, turns out my hostel was about 3 blocks from the station so I just walked over.
And instead of having to be in/pay for any four bed dorms they'd had a cancelation and could put me right in a 16 bed dorm for the whole week. Hell yes saving $75!

I took an hour and a half nap, since I'm dead for some reason.
Then I came out and found this place, Hudson's Coffee. Another chain thing.
But I panicked and ordered a Vienna Coffee which had ended up being the most delicious way of drinking coffee ever. It's like perfection in a glass.
And they have free wifi. Definitely will be living here. ha.

The hostel doesn't have free wifi, but I'm not sure how it's done. If it's just by the hour or whatever then I'll still be updating this every night but if it's done by the day or something I might update it here every afternoon… but that would be confusing.
We'll see.


Been sitting here for over an hour. I might go find some reason food, or go back to the hostel for a while and see what's up. I think the receptionist mentioned something about a free pasta dinner, but I bet it'll be sketch. They do serve free breakfast every morning though, which is sweet as.

I think I'm going to see James & Frances tomorrow, we're just going to explore the city a bit.
It's a little hard since I don't have a phone, which is a bitch times a thousand. I will never travel without a phone again, certainly not when I'm gone for over 3 weeks.
But now I'm not here for long enough for it to be worth buying a cheap cell and I don't have my actual cell so a SIM card is out of the question.
lvamciknsvuckm vduim.

I went and ate some fucking weird chinese food. I think they called themselves 'asian fusion' and it was dodgy. Not quality wise, just not my cup of tea. I'm not really a giant chinese food fan though, so maybe it was just that. I dunno. Sketch.


Took another nap, for almost three hours. I felt considerably better when I woke up.
Talked to Delano( the guy sleeping right across from me) for a bit. 
Watched the movie Out of Line, which wasn't exactly amazing.

After I update thing I'm going to bed, I'm still so tired.
Hopefully James or Frances will have gotten back to me b the time I wake up so we can meet tomorrow.

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