Sunday, September 30, 2012

30.09.2012 - typhoon

Hey all,

So it's currently 6.30 in the evening here and according to current weather updates Typhoon Jelawat (for those who don't know: a typhoon is exactly the same thing as a hurricane, it's just what they're called when they're in the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.) will be hitting Tokyo at about 10 tonight, and be gone from the area by around 6 tomorrow morning.

Getting mixed reviews on the actual strength of it at this point. Some websites are saying it's actually only a tropical storm while others are calling it a 'super typhoon' which is like a category 4 or 5 hurricane.

I've gone all that can be done to the house. Brought in all the laundry stuff, made sure all the storm stutters are closed and locked, tied up my bike extra well using fancy fisherman's knots, all the essentials!

I just watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and just downloaded Captain America: The First Avenger to pass the time, so it looks like I'm in for a thrilling night!

I'm sure I'll be fine, no one seems particularly worried.
I guess I'm just out of the habit of living in somewhere where hurricanes are an actual issue, or maybe it's just very different in a city since everything's so much more sheltered.

coping with life by drinking copious amounts of hot tea & listening to Shawn Colvin.

But I just wanted to post this to let y'all know I'm fine and ready, or whatever.
I'll make sure to post tomorrow sometime once it's all over.


And as a slight aside today is my parent's 23rd wedding anniversary (it's actually their anniversary at home too, now!) and I love them so much and think they're too fabulous not to mention it.
I love you two, and I love how much you love each other, and I'm going to get misty eyed if I keep typing so I better just stop now.

photo I took of them last fall.


have a good day & pleasant tomorrow, all.

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