Monday, October 1, 2012


1) Just letting everyone know I'm totally fine. The typhoon was honestly a non event, where I am there wasn't even really any debris in the street this morning. It was just rainy and windy.

2) happy October! It's obviously the very end of the first day of October for me, but for most of y'all it's just the beginning.

I spend most of my morning at Japanese class. Monday teacher is verrrry different from Friday teacher.
She's much more... teacher-y? she gave me homework! Which I have 2 weeks to do since there's no class next Monday. But yeah, was much more technical with pronunciation as well.

Then I spent some time sewing one of my Lunenburg Aikikai patches onto my gi. I need to do the other one too, but it was already packed for work and I didn't feel like rummaging through my bag for it.

please excuse what appears to be a disaster on my floor.
it's actually just my suitcases, a box, and yesterday's clothes.
which is, admittedly, untidy.

Went to work for a few hours, my group was pretty swell.


Few exciting-ish things for the next little while.

On Thursday I'm going to Vegan Healing Cafe for dinner with my friend Maria.
Neither of us have ever been there, but apparently it's amazing vegan food with the really nice relaxed atmosphere. Which is what I like after work!

Plus this is on the front of their website, and even though it's obvious (since it's a vegan cafe) I still like it all spelled out for me!


And I'm off next Sunday so I'm planning on going to the Shibuya Farmer's Market again for lunch, and then I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I actually have the following Wednesday and Thursday off too, so heaps of free time in the next couple of weeks.
I might look into places to go outside Tokyo on one of those days, like Kamakura. But not there.
Just a nice day trip to get me out of the city, I've been feeling very over crowds/the business of the city in the past week or so.
I'm still just not used to it, except really I am. I mean I think about how now taking the train as rush hour now is mildly not fun, versus when I got here it seemed like something I'd rather die and have to be involved with. So.


Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow, all!

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