Friday, October 19, 2012

19.10.2012 - almost a week of illness and nothing.

- I got a package from my uncle in which he sent me lovely things, including Neem toothpaste which is the fancy Indian toothpaste I feel very strongly about using. And I ran out in the morning, about 4 hours before his package arrived. How fortuitous!
Also some photos of his adorable children, who are, well, adorable.
I miss them and him and emma and everyone.


I've been sick again for the past few days, luckily not nearly as badly as before, but I've been all stuffed up and a bit sort of woozy and have had a headache/pressure in my sinuses etc for a few days.


Wednesday -

My alarm didn't go off in the morning because the batteries died in the night, which means I didn't get to go to aikido which makes me sad. Luckily it failed to go off on a day when all I had was aikido, and not work.
I've since gotten new batteries and a second clock just in case.

the hell?

- I walked to pick up the package that my father sent me when I had tonsillitis. For some reason it never got delivered but according to the tracking number it was at the main Kita Shinjuku Office.
So I went there and picked it up, took me about an hour since the map they gave me sucks, like 98% of all maps here ever. I'm sorry Japan, but you need to get your map act together.
And then I decided to grab a taxi back and the guy misheard me or something and went way off in the wrong direction and it wasn't until I realised we'd passed my street that I corrected him but then it was complicated to get back and yada yada yada. I have the worst luck with taxis! He was nice and didn't charge me for the mistake though, what a peach.

Da's the best father ever, it made me feel so much better just seeing the package!
I got English breakfast tea, vegan chocolate chips (I am going to find a way to make cookies without an oven. Maybe using a broiler?) , various herbals medicines, a lovely letter, a thermometer with a koala on it, and a small plastic goat! last one may seem odd, but it may or may not have made me cry.
happy tears, happy tears.

- I went to work (fine, thank you) and then to the Vegan Meetup.
Pretty good! I talked to a few people, didn't make any bffs, but you can't win them all right?
Food was amazing as usual, they had vegan chocolate chip carrot cake for dessert that was stupendous. So.



- woke up and went to Osawa Senei's class, which was great. Practiced with this middd ages french guy, who I think I've practiced with before. He's ok, kind of pushes you down a fair bit, which isn't my style but whatever. Good class.

 - Skyped with Magnus briefly, and now I'm off to shower & eat some breakfast.

-  I also (finally!) bought No Doubt's new album, which is amazing.
Since they've been one of my two favourite bands since I was about 6, I was a bit nervous that I'd hate everything but I am so pleased! It's really good, some stuff is a real throwback, a la Tragic Kingdom. Brilliant!
this is my favourite song off the album, so Rock Steady!



- went to aikido
- went to my japanese lesson, I felt really good about it today. I like days like that.
- came home and made pumpkin and pasta for dinner, whaddup cooking early?
- went to work
- sautéed mashed pumpkin with my pasta and it was awesome.

seriously my two of my favourite foods together.

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