Thursday, October 11, 2012

11.10.2012 - shinjuku gyoen


I hurt my knee the other day, not badly but enough to properly hurt.
So instead of going to Hombu after work I took myself out to dinner at Eat More Greens.
Delicious, as always.
I ate avocado! and liked it! well, I didn't mind it at all.
I feel like this is one of those magical "I'm becoming an adult" moments, maybe not?

all time is tea time.

they even provide throws in case one gets chilly!

vegan taco salad




Went and returned a dress, walked around Harajuku for a while.
I had 5 Japanese people ask to have their photos taken with me, two of the Japanese girls were together but the rest were separate.
Turns out not that many people dress like pin up models here, do it's still exciting?

It was bizarre, but cool.
the dress

the makeup

I also bought myself a ring that has a capybara on it, excuse me while I die of joy.



Went to the dojo, skyped with my family for a while, tidied up a bit.

Then I went and spent the afternoon at Shinjuku Gyoen, which is a beautiful park.

I walked around the Traditional Japanese Gardens for a while, they were gorgeous.

Then I spent some time lying on the grass reading my book. And by 'some time' I mean '3 hours'.
The most relaxing three hours I've had since I moved here, hands down.

water, douglas adams, and snacks.
the big three.

And to finish it all off I walked about the Formal French Rose Gardens, which were also gorgeous.

And these I took whilst walking back to the Shinjuku Exit, which was across the park from the rose garden.

what day would be complete without a public bathroom mirror shot?

On my walk back here I stopped by Bic Camera to look at tripods (found a decent one for about $90, which I think I'll go buy tomorrow.)  and some lens. My 50mm doesn't autofocus (it never has, I got it for free because of that) and I'm torn between buying a working one or maybe the 16-35 f/2.8.
Unfortunately for me the latter is going to cost me slightly less than $2,000 whereas the 50mm will only set me back about $500, so that decision is pretty much made. 
I dunno, I want something a bit more wideangle, but it has to have a low f stop or I go crazy.
Does anyone want to give me two grand? please and thank you.


I'm sorry for the lack of proper blogging lately, I've been having a really hard time adjusting to being here.
I'm still really really homesick and I'm really struggling with being alone all the time and the general feeling of loneliness, which is made a thousand times worst by my inability to speak the language.
I'm just very alone in a very foreign place, and I really have no idea how to go about dealing with any of the emotion it's bringing up, so.
bit of a pessimistic ending here, but it's important for me not to lie on this blog and say everything's amazing when it's not. And it's not right now, far from it.


hope you all have a good day, and a pleasant tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Signe, I completely understand the loneliness bit - I've been young and alone and in places where I don't know the language and even before I read the last bit of this blog post, just looking at the photos, the memory of it was coming back.

    Another thing is that when you first go somewhere new, the newness and excitement of it all sustains you at first, then you reach a point of realizing the limitations and challenges of the situation and the mood heads downward for a while. That's completely normal. It will level out. And where it levels out depends on all kinds of factors including your personal inner resources, the place, the people, what happens, etc.

    What you have which I didn't have 30 years ago is the internet. All kinds of advice there if you google phrases such as "meeting other foreigners in japan". And meet-ups, as your mother told me you were checking out.

    I made incredible friendships with other foreigners when I was in Nigeria for 2 years. They sustained me. But it's the connections I had with Nigerians that were most memorable and made the experience what it was.

    Study the language as much as you can and don't be afraid to use it, and keep on keeping on. It will get better! (((Hugs)))