Sunday, October 21, 2012

21.10.2012 - yoyogi rockabillies.

hello all you lovely people,

after work today I came home (didn't think to take my camera with me to work, which would have saved me so much time. bleh.) and then went to go find the Veggie Fiesta 2012 which is a vegan/vegetarian food fair in Yoyogi Koen. Unfortunately for me by the time I got there most of the stalls/people were gone so it wasn't much fun.
But! I ended up watching the Yoyogi Greasers/rockabillies for like an hour and a half.
Brilliant beyond compare.
I mean really, what could make this better?
nada, son!

The only downside was I didn't really have the right lens on for the time, since it was already starting to get dark so a lot of my photos of them actually dancing are just blurry. There are a few, but I definitely want to go back soon during the day and take more! Next time I get off work at 12 on a Sunday, it's a plan.

the scene

helping a buddy out.

and on my way back to my house.

train back.

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