Thursday, October 4, 2012

04.10.2012 - aikdo + vegan food


last night I went to the dojo after work and the Sensei, who's name I don't know because he was a last minute replacement so it's not on the website/schedule, accidentally did nikkyo (this is just a technique, for non aikido people) on my so hard he gave me a bloody nose. I think he hit my face with my own arm? Bit unsure on that honestly.

Cleaned myself up and finished class. This story is really only funny because this morning I went to go to 2 classes, in about 5 minutes before the end of the first one the lady I was practicing with accidentally hit me in the face (her hand was sweaty, I kind of get go (by mistake!)) and boom, another bloody nose.
Skipped the second class, decided not to risk it.

Came home, skyped with my family for a while. They're great, man.
Gave me some much needed advice, I'm glad I can count on them.

Then I read my book (that mum send me in her care package!), ate veggie snacks and drank tea for like 4 hours.
It was wonderful, I haven't just given myself down time like that in a while. I keep watching TV and I dunno, fussing with stuff.
But it was really relaxing, I listened to Sheryl Crow and enjoyed some historical fiction about the pre War of The Roses leading into the aforementioned war, aka England in starting in about 1430.
Seriously my idea of a spiffing morning.

Got news that my cousin Mishka is playing a show here this Friday, very excited to go see him!
Luckily he's playing super early, because I have to leave for work at 7.30 on Saturday, haha.
But seeing him is going to be worth it, for sure!

Now I'm off to work for a few hours.

I took a few self portraits last night, using the technique I'm currently obsessed with. Which is pretty much making digital photos look like film? I mean, they're shit really, but I'm feeling that right now.
I'm all about the grain right now. For low light stuff, still only shoot at ISO100 during the day.

Also snapped these of my poor, poor legs. My right leg is pretty much one big bruise from mid shin to above my knee. Boo.
In these it kind of looks like a few smaller bruises, which is is, but those are just the purple ones.
It's all a tad swollen and yellowish in real life, crazy painful.



woke up, did about 15 minutes of yoga. Now I'm waiting for me roommate to get out of the shower so I can brush my teeth and go to aikido for a few hours.


Good time at the dojo! First class was a beginners class taught by Kanazawa Sensei, we did footwork practice for about half the class (I love footwork practice, seriously!) and then some ikkyo, nikkyo, iriminage, and kotegaeshi.

Second class was a regular class taught by Osawa Sensei. Very good, very good. As always.
Practiced with a nice lady who I think said was from the Netherlands, but I'm not entirely sure.
Natalia, her name was.
As always Osawa Sensei managed to have us do a million techniques in an hour.
ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, iriminage, suwara waza nikkyo & sankyo, ryototori tenchinage, kotegaeshi, different variation of nikkyo, and then ending with kokyu dosa.


Came back, showered, put in laundry, ate food.
Now I'm going to read my book a bit more before I need to put my laundry out and eventually go to work.


Went to work from 2.30 - 5.40, then rushed home and had to make a super fast turnaround to meet Maria for 7.
Went to a funny vegan place, the food was delicious but it was a little disconcerting to be the only people in the place for the entire 2 and a bit hours we were there.

We both had the dahl curry, which was so good! then I had chocolate cake & Maria had banana cake, since who can resist vegan desserts?
both were wonderfully delicious.

my chocolate cake & coconut cream

maria's banana cake with cinnamon coconut cream.

It started pouring halfway through dinner, and luckily lightened up long enough for me to buy an umbrella! Jesus though, when it rains it pours here.

rain at Shibuya Station.

Now I get to try to decide if it's better to leave my laundry out overnight in the hopes it's sunny in the morning (calling for sun/showered for tomorrow) or bring it in and hang it about my room in hopes it dries better here.
Boo laundry.

Now I'm going to stay up for a bit hoping mum will come on Skype, I'm having a "I really miss my mummy" moment. She's just so great, you know?


have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow, all!

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