Thursday, September 6, 2012

06.09.2012 - Harajuku! and I got really, truly lost for the first time since moving.

Started my day delightfully, slept in and skyped with my family. double good time.

I also felt like a total babe.

I have today off, so I was all set to have an adventure filled day and just post mail and have a grand old time.

I'd been planning on going to the Shibuya Aquarium for the better part of it, because I thought it'd be fun.
But I needed to get money from my Canadian account before I could do that.
I thought you could withdraw from any Seven11, so I went searching. I knew there was one I saw most days but I couldn't remember if I saw it going to hombu or going to work. Opposite directions of course. And I went the wrong way first.
Eventually found it only to have it not let me withdraw my money.
Not really sure why, when my mother wakes up (it's currently 2 in the morning at home) hopefully she'll be able to talk to my bank and make sure my card's alright.

But by the time I'd done my laundry, found a post office, and had my issues with my card it was 2 in the afternoon, which makes it a but late for the aquarium which stops letting people in after 4.30, and closes at 5. It'd probably take my about an hour to get there door to door. And I prefer to have plenty of time for looking at fish, you know?
I have Friday the 14th off too, so I'm thinking then.

Now I'm going to go back to the post office and see if they have an ATM I can use because according to, my best friend, google they often have international ATMs there.
If they do then I can buy the boxes I need and get all the presents sent off today!


Oh lord, what an afternoon.

Went to the post office, there ATM turned my down too.
Came back here and got some extra money out of my travel fund (I put some of each pay check in a fund, so next summer I can travel around japan without using all my money from canada. so that I can have that money to travel/do whatever with when I move home. Thinkin' ahead, whaaaat.) and decided to go to Harajuku. I went originally to go to Daiso, which is one of the most famous 100 Yen shops in Tokyo. But then I ended up walking all up and down Takeshita Dori, which is pretty much th shopping street. It's awesome. Unfortunately it started raining a bit when I came out of Daiso so I don't have any more photos, but it was lovely. I also did have an umbrella, which ended up being very very lucky for me.


Most importantly was that yes, I did hum Harajuku Girls by Gwen Stefani quietly to myself over and over the entire time I was there. In fact, it hasn't stopped yet. They do have the wicked style, with wild hair colours, and cellphones.

Picked up a few more presents, plus a badass shirt of a tiger wearing a bow tie for myself.
Because bow ties are cool.


And even better I stopped by another 7 11 to try their ATM and it worked totally fine. So I don't know what was up earlier, but that made me very pleased.

my obsession with this cat fabric has not waned since London,
there's a very good chance I will own this tote very soon.

But then disaster struck. At this point it's about 4, I figured I had heaps of time to walk back to Harajuku Station, go home, and then go to the dojo for the woman's class at 6. I've been wanting to try out one of the woman's classes, so it seemed perfect.
But then I decided to just nip down a side street to have a look at something.
I suppose I just turned the wrong direction out of the shop when I exited, but the next thing I know I'm in like, residential Harajuku and it's raining and I have no freaking idea where I am.
I walked around for a while, asked some people for directions. Either they sucked at giving them, I sucked at following them, there was a conspiracy to keep me there forever… something was up.
I finally ended up back in a shopping area but on a totally different street.
Then I ask someone else where the Harajuku Station is and they point me in the direction.
So I walk for a while, and I suppose I must have just turned at the wrong time, because one again I am totally lost. At least there were people around this time. But no one was being helpful to me at all.
It's still raining at this point, I feel I should mention.

Eventually I just turned around because I felt like it and then took my first left, since I was on that side of the street, since I figured I couldn't get more lost. And boom, I'm back on Takeshita Dori. Right where I needed to be.

But by the time I walked back to the station, gotten the train here, and walked back to my house it was 7.30, which meant they were already halfway through the final class of the night at Hombu.
But yes, if you were counting, I was lost for 3 and a half hours.

I'm pretty annoyed that I didn't get to class tonight, I'm going to try doing double class in the morning, so see if I can handle it.
I've been getting much much better with the heat, and I know I can do 2 hours of aikido since I've done it before.

I was also obviously too late to post anything, so I organized everything I'm sending so I can pop them to the post office tomorrow after class/before work.

sorry for the lack of photos, have some good old fashioned arms length self portraits as a treat.

have a pleasant day all!

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