Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12.09.2012 - photobooth is fun, no matter what.

Went to the beginners class this morning, with the intention of staying for Masuda Senei's class.
But I'm pretty sure I did the most glamourous (read: worst) thing and pulled a groin muscle.

Welcome to my ever classy, ever graceful, life.

Anyway, any ukemi (that's what the falling in aikido is called) is wildly painful at this point, so I called it quits and came home and took an advil instead.


Skyped with my family, they're still better than sliced bread. I think it's actually 3 months today until I get to see them… Maybe less than that?
Whatevs, they're coming for christmas and I couldn't be happier.

Went to submit my Language Class Application at a different building. My map blew.
I finally got there, and guess what? It's closed today. No explanation, nothing on the website, no sign other than the 'closed' one.

Came home and took a nap because I am an old woman.
Went to work.

Ok class, I wasn't in my most patient mood which it hard to work and be excited through. But I mean, I think the kids still enjoyed it.

Was about a block between the club and the station and I realised I was all dizzy and off balance.
It's ok though, I was just having a serious low blood sugar moment. Stopped by Nissin and did something I've never had to do, and have always laughed at my father for doing, which is buy a candy bar and eat it before I could actually do my regular shopping.

Came home and made myself more gyoza (the good kind! not the weird artichoke ones.) and broccoli.
Actually the perfect meal.
It's not too much, but not too light so as to not even feel like a meal.
Because I steam them together the broccoli has the most wonderful ginger-y flavour.

And since I didn't have a single moment for photos, enjoy these Photo Booth photos I took today, post nap & pre work.
There's something so madly vain about Photo Booth and having a million 'pretty' photos of oneself, taken in ones bedroom. I don't know, maybe it's the horrid quality that just makes me love them more?
Anyway, these won't be as funny to anyone else as they are to me. C'est la vie, non?

it's conceptual


final photo inspired by that video of Kirsten Dunst singing along to 'Turning Japanese'
which has been removed from youtube, so you can't experience the glory.

tomorrow night after work I'm going to a meetup thing at the restaurant that does a monthly vegan buffet. So I'm super excited! I get to meet people and eat vegan food. Which are two of my favourite passtimes.

have a pleasant day, all!

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