Monday, September 17, 2012

17.09.2012 - weekends my busiest time of the week, yay!

worked from 7.40 until 1.30, talked to Cesar for a bit, found a cool looking second hand/vintage shop I'd like to actually go into and look at at some point, ate some lunch, took a shower put laundry in, cleaned my room.

then I ate these amazingly delicious veggie snack things and watched the newest Lewis.

dishy right?

Went for dinner, it was absolutely delightful! We went to this Italian place, the food was seriously outstanding.
I did get talked into ordering some 'grilled shrimp' for one of my courses, which turned out to be half a lobster!
no goddamn idea how to eat one. But luckily at this point I'd already eaten a ton so I could sort of pick the bits I understood and claim fullness.

But yes, then to top it all off Keiko got them to bring me this, which is the sweetest thing.
Made so much better by the fact that they misspelled 'welcome' and, of course, I can't actually eat chocolate. But really, they're the nicest people. Keiko got the waiter to take a photo of all four of us, she says she's going to give me a copy so I'll be sure to post that when I get it!


In other news, it's Magnus' birthday today. I miss him to bits, and wish I was with him.



Good god.
Slept badly, which is never good before a Sunday since this is my most exhausting day at work.
I'm leaving for work in about 15 minutes (at 8.30), work until 2.


Phew, worked for aaaages. Went to the grocery store.

quality time at Yotsuya Station

I came home and made myself the most delightful meal.
Just pasta with a tomato sauce with mushrooms.
But I guess that even when I've been cooking here, mostly it's been store bought stuff that I cook or whatever.
This is the first time I properly bought ingredients and actually made a full meal.
and that's a meal that will forever remind me of home, since I eat like like three times a week there.

But yeah, it was really nice and made me feel awesome.
Then I watched the newest Doctor Who.

And Hombu's closed tomorrow and I don't have to leave here for work until 2ish, so I can have a bit of a lie in.
And then maybe do something fun!


PS Today is Da's birthday! I love him to bits, too!

slept in all the way until 8. It made me feel better.
I listened to Sufjan Stevens (obsessed with Greetings From Michigan - The Great Lake State (I know, I know it's old but it's new to me!)) and tidied up my room a bit, it was starting to annoy me.
Now it's looking spiffy so I'm going to have some breakfast and then maybe go to my FKGS (favourite korean grocery store) for apple juice and olive olive which, oddly enough, are the best quality for the lowest price I've seen.
Maybe I'll make a video and show you some other cool shit you can buy there.


it ended up raining, so I didn't even go to the grocery store myself.
I did made a room tour video though!

enjoy looking at my little slice of home, except it's actually not home at all.
just a place I currently live.

Went to work, was fine enough.
Went to a few shops on the way back, I love all the stuff here but let me tell you, nothing is made for anyone with a chest my size. No sir.
I did find a cute vintage skirt, but it was from the 50s so it was obviously super expensive.
Nothing jacks the price of anything up like being from the 50s.

I came home and made myself a nice dinner of… guess what?
yeah more gyoza. I've got to start eating other things, I'm going to grow fat from just eating them seriously.

steamed a bell pepper and some broccoli with it, it was super good.



soy sauce based thing that comes with the gyoza.

my back's been hurting my lately, I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something detrimental, or if it's just stress/day to day life.
I am prone to back pain, so we'll see if I can make it feel better.

Tomorrow is my busiest day, as normal. But I don't mind Tuesday's, I can spend all day looking forward to my weekly vegan dinner at Eat More Greens. I know, it's a splurge to go out to eat weekly, but it make me so happy so it's worth it.

In other news I'm absolutely obsessed with the song For The Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti by Sufjan Stevens. Just one of the loveliest songs.

have a pleasant day, all!

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