Wednesday, September 26, 2012

26.09.2012 - ueno park, take two.

Highlights of yesterday:
1) I went out for dinner at Eat More Greens!
So delicious.
I had 'Tonight's Pasta' which was so fresh tasting. And vegan, boom.

2) skyped with my Uncle. I miss him, too.


And today!
I had the day off (by boss is, kindly, giving me some time to rest and make sure I kick this silly illness) so I slept in and then skyped with Da for a spell.
Ate some breakfast and out of the blue Josie Skyped me! This is exciting because she's at camp!
Anyway, ended up getting to talk to her, Magnus, Elijah, Liam, Ella, and Autumn for a while. As well as say hellos to Maggi, Zara, Blake, Josh, Aytch, and Kate.
I can't believe I'm not there, it's so bizarre. But Magnus says he's having an amazing time, so that's the important thing thing year!
I'm going to do my best to be back there next year, we'll see how my life pans out, won't we?

Elijah, Liam, Magnus, Ella, and a hint of Kate's face.

I did a bit of research on being vegan/raw (I'm not raw, but I love raw food!) in Tokyo and came up with a few restaurants I want to try, plus some tips on where to shop etc.
I love it internet for stuff like that.
I'm in a city that I know no one in (certainly not anyone who's vegan!) and I can come up with dozens of blogs, articles etc on being in my exact position.

I decided I needed to get out and go somewhere otherwise I was going to lie in my room in my pyjamas all day, which wasn't what I needed. In the ended I decided that I was going to go back to Ueno Park and see how I felt from there.

I walked around the park a little, but I just wasn't feeling it for the afternoon.

What I did end up feeling was the zoo again, to see the rest of it. Which I have now seen!
Other than some of the enclosures (mostly for the bigger animals) being a bit small, it's not too bad.
I did a really nice walk across a small lake and stuff to see lemurs and aye-ayes and it was generally pleasant.
Today was cool enough to not be sweating but warm enough to wear a sundress, perfect for how I felt.

hedgehog, for mum!

I think I'm hilarious.

red crested crane
giant salamander!

red pandas from above.

Left around 4, since a lot of the animals were going to their 'sleepy time enclosures' (which is what I will now be referring to my bedroom as, in case you were wondering.)
Came back, put away my laundry, and now I'm going to watch a movie or something and make myself some dinner.
And then go to bed nice and early, since I have to wake up for Osawa Sensei's class in the morning.
Which I hope he's at, because he's leaving to go to Halifax on Friday, so we'll see.
This weekend my father gets to be at a seminar smaller than most of his classes here, lucky duck.

Have a pleasant day, all!

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  1. how big is that giant salamander? he looks serious!