Friday, September 14, 2012

14.09.2012 - great two days.

So yesterday (that's Thursday) I went to Osawa Sensei's class, he was great! Really enjoyed myself.

Went to work for the afternoon, painless. Which is how I like it.

Came home and then went to the Vegan Meetup! The food was seriously outstanding, so so delicious.
Only complaint would be that a lot of the people already knew each other and stuff and no one was especially welcoming. I ended up spending the whole evening talking to a really nice Finnish girl, Maria. So obviously other people's lack of inclusiveness didn't ruin my night, it's just something I felt like mentioning.
But seriously, the food made up for it.
It was an all you can eat buffet and they had amazing tofu salads, normal salads, vegan pizza, these sort of burrito things, heaps of vegetables cooked different ways.... and then there was a bunch of hot stuff (looked like rice and curries etc) but I didn't have any.

This morning I slept in all the way to 8! woo!
Ate breakfast and skyped with my family. We're already planning all the awesome stuff they're going to do when they're here, ugh, the more I grow to love Tokyo the more I'm looking forward to sharing it with the three most important people.
Yes, sorry I got a bit gushy there.

Decided to go to the Shinagawa Aquarium, and also decided to actually make this video.
I told my friend Liam that I'd make a 'day in the life of' video using his song, and it's good practice for me to make videos, so I did it! But it means I have only a few photos, since mostly I was filming.

Here are the photos, clearly, and the video will be at the end.

dots & loops and homegrown skateboards, the two places I miss from NS.

waiting for the bus to the aquarium.

I was waiting for the bus to the aquarium with this adorable little her and her mother.
she gave me some of her candy and then when we got on the bus gave me this hairclip as a present.

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here's this video!
props to Liam Britten for the music.


I went to Doshu's evening class tonight!
It was awesome, such a good energy, I practiced with this awesome older man who just kept talking to me in Japanese even though he knew I understood like .0001% of what he was saying to me.
But in a good way, not a 'I feel bad' way.
It's much cooler in the main dojo room at night, which makes class so much better.

then I came home and made myself a massive meal, once I realised I hadn't eaten since about 8.30 this morning. Oops, I forgot to eat again!
Now I'm just messing around on the internet, once this is up I'll be going to bed since I have to be up at about 6.30 tomorrow to be at work at 8.30, yay!

On the way home, I stopped by my favourote Korean grocery store for some apple juice and snapped a few photos, just with my mobile, off some of the stuff you can get almost anywhere here.
Obviously if I'd grown up eating it it would seem totally normal, but I still have a hard time with whole fish. Just, I dunno.

personal philosophy:
if you've already gotten to the 'batter and fry' stage, you ought to have already passed the 'cut off tail' stage.

Tomorrow night I'm going out to dinner with Keiko (she's the lady I do the English hour with) and her husband and daughter. The daughter's quite severely handicapped (mentally I know, I'm not really sure about physically) so hopefully she likes me.

But I'm really flattered that they wanted to have me out, because Keiko is so lovely to me and she is very excited to have me meet her family. I'm sure they're darlings too, of course.


have a pleasant day, all!

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