Sunday, September 2, 2012

02.09.2012 - details of the day

Hello all,

How's your September going for all of you?
You'll probably be reading this on the morning of the second, your time, so you've had a day to get a feel for the month. Hopefully it's given you a favourable impression, yeah?


Today was also terribly, terribly not exciting.

I'd been planning on going to the Tokyo Metropolitan Building which is free and has a viewing gallery on floor 50, I think.
I love a good tall building. I'm sure I've mentioned that many times.

Then I was going to go to the Nissin Market which is a massive international grocery store here. So you can get stuff like tortillas and granola, but it's also one of the few (quiet possibly only) places you can buy a) vegan chocolate and b) any leafy green vegetable. Seriously, there's not even lettuce in most shops here. A few carry iceberg, but I'm not into that. I didn't see kale when I was last there, but they definitely had spinach.
Normally there's some sad looking bell peppers or broccoli or something, but nothing exactly makes you want to cook.
But yes, it's all very key to my survival.

And then! I was going to go to Shinjuku Gyoen and have my picnic.

Great day right?

Well the weather at other ideas. It poured from the time I woke up at around 9 (I got to sleep in too! made good use of it because it's the last day for a while I'll have the chance) until about 45 minutes ago. Otherwise known at 4.30 in the afternoon.
And I seriously mean poured. monsooned. rained cats and dogs.
I could have drowned out there!

So right away my viewing (yes, this is inside. But no one wants to look at a foggy rainy city. Even from the 50th floor) and my picnic were out of the question.
And then I didn't much want to go all the way out to the market just to shop, without having an enjoyable walk/picnic to look forward too because it takes me like 30 minutes out, and back to go there. So.

Instead I watched some TV, tidied my room a bit, made myself some beans for lunch (this is a big one because I've been fighting with the [very bizarre] can opener for about 3 days. Finally got it to work, and frankly, felt a real sense of accomplishment.), and pretty much wasted my day away indoors.

When it stopped raining I went out to Olympic to get some food for dinner/tomorrow and on the way took a few photos of… things.
Here those photos are!

Have a pleasant day!

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