Saturday, September 8, 2012

08.09.2012 - everyone has off days, right?


Went to Hombu for two hours.
first class was the beginners class from 7-8 taught by Waka Sensei
second class was a regular class from 8-9 taught by Irie Sensei

both were very good, good amount of time too.

Managed to finally post the stuff home, took me aaaages though because of the size of the package to my family. They wanted the weight of each individual item. In grams, which I don't even understand to begin with.
Anyway, only made harder by the fact that the girl helping me spoke very little English, but she was really nice and helped me guess the weight of stuff and I liked her for it.
But yeah, took me a solid 30 minutes in the office to post two packages and 5 postcards.

Mail is really cheap here though! I mailed my family a box about the same size as the one they mailed me but it cost me maybe half as much.

Went to work for the afternoon/evening and on the way back to my house I just grabbed some readymade stuff from Olympic because I didn't feel like cooking.



Ugh, today so far sucks.
Woke up at 4.30 after a horrible night of sleep, only to realise I could have slept for another whole hour, maybe even hour and a half. I just had today and Tuesday's times mixed up, since they're both mornings and at the same school.

But yeah, slept so badly. I've been sleeping ok here, I mean, I still wake up a lot but I've just been so tired that I've been passing out.

Then I went to work and it was just really frustrating. I felt like I was doing a bad job explaining things, and in the class with the youngest kids I ended up telling them to do it not how my boss does it, but how my home dojo does it.
I just felt like a bad teacher.

Then I did an hour of weapons, where Cesar is doing on the demonstrating on me, just because he knows I will be at every class, even though he knows I don't really understand what's going on.
Managed to make a total fool of myself. I, repeatedly, screwed the the simple thing we'd all just been practicing and was just generally mortified.

then I came home, found a letter from my mother in the post box, and made myself some gyoza which together, so far, have been the highlight of my day.
I just bought them from the store, but even cooking stuff like that is hard since I can't read the directions. These had 3 little pictures and a ton of words, but obviously the photos were all I got.
I did a pretty damn good job in my opinion.


Then I tried to take a nap for a bit, but couldn't sleep and then when I did fall asleep it was restless.

My throat's a bit sore too, I think it's from constantly being in air conditioned environments. Because it's so hot here everywhere is freezing.
I think even just having the dehumidifier on in my room is making it worse, but I'd just die without it. So oh well.

I might go for a walk, maybe to Shinjuku Central Park. It's like a half hour walk away.
But I think I just need to leave the house for a bit.


Well, went for a walk for like two blocks before I just felt like crying and came back here and took a shower.
Which luckily made me feel better, so I decided to go walk around Shibuya and take some night photos. Turned out tonight was Fashion's Night Out here in Tokyo, which I was absolutely not dressed for let me tell you. I would have worn something much more snazzy if I'd know.

Anyway, walked around for about an hour, went in a few good shops that I'll definitely go back to at some point.

Came home and skyped with mum, she gave me some seriously good advice, because that's what she does. It was just what I needed though, made me feel less crazy and more just… normal I guess.

Now I'm going to bed, even though I get to sleep in until 6 tomorrow .
(that is the worst sentence I've ever had to write.)


Have a pleasant day, all!

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