Saturday, September 1, 2012

01.09.2012 - I started my job!

Had my first day of work yesterday, it was really overwhelming honestly.
A lot of kids, a lot of names (!), and a lot of information.
Paul also does heaps of things differently from me, so I'm playing catch up a bit.


I also worked this morning! 3 hours of kids classes, then an hours of weapons with adults.
I feel like I definitely did better, more comfortable you know?
It's still a lot to handle but I'm getting it, slowly.

Really enjoyed the weapons class though! Cesar taught it, we'll be doing jo for the whole semester.
I've done a bit, but again, he does loads of stuff differently.
I feel like I'm having to unlearn so much.

This afternoon I'd been planning on going to Shinjuku Gyoen, which is a massive park for a nice quiet lunch and a walk but then it was raining on and off all morning so that made it less appealing.
Anyway, instead Paul & I went and found a bike for me. So exciting! Now getting to Hombu in the mornings will take 10 minutes instead of like, 35. Yay!

Since it was you know, raining, I came back here for a bit then went for a shorti-ish walk just for some fresh air.

Now I'm back here, going to make myself some dinner soon (thinking about pasta, I'm craving something that doesn't involve rice, pickled vegetables, or soy sauce.)  and then I have a skype date with my parents. Hopefully we have a decent connection, talked to them yesterday morning and it was a perfect connection except the call dropped like every 90 seconds. Stupid.

I know that's not exactly a thrilling day, but hey, you can't win them all.
And work takes up a lot of my time/psychic space. But there's not much to write.


And it's Liam's birthday here today! Well it's also his birthday where he too, now.
I miss him.


have a good day guys!

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