Monday, September 24, 2012

24.09.2012 - tonsillitis & a trip to the grocery store.


I spent most of today just hoping I'd die.
(not really)

So sick. throat's still killing me, about 98% sure I have strep throat at this point.

stopped on the way back from work and got some vegan ice cream & some soup.

drank like 5 cups of my garlic/ginger/honey tea (seriously just put chopped garlic and ginger (not minced, you want it to be big pieces) in a mug, add hot water. And honey, if you want.) and watched the new Doctor Who. And ate some ice cream.

Took a bath, read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for a bit.
Nothing like your favourite book when you're feeling down.

Called my insurance company to make sure I'm covered/find out what to do etc.
It was scary. I've never really had to properly deal with stuff like that before.
It made me feel grown up, but it also made me burst into tears the moment I was off the phone.

Took some more painkillers, they don't seem to help my throat much but if I could just get my neck pain/headache to go away or at least mellow down that'd be fantastic.

Took a nap for a while, I'm so bloody tired from being sick and still working.

Now I'm going to see if I can force down some soup and drink some more tea.
Pretty much just waiting up until I can Skype with Da. I miss my family so much when I'm sick.
Magnus will soon be waking up to his second full day at camp, I miss talking to him already.
Though I hope it has a really outstanding time, I'm sure he will.


My day actually got better from there. The painkillers did help my throat a bit, or maybe  it was all the tea but I was able to eat the better part of a bowl of soup (indian dal soup, a bit bland for my normal tastes but it was good for the moment) and drink more tea. I hadn't actually eaten anything that could be called a meal since Thursday night, so I really needed it.

my throat! good lord!

poor me, what's a lady to do!

Skyped with Da, he's awesome. Gave me good advice, made me laugh, sent me a photo of my cat to cheer me up, I mean seriously. Best father ever.

Watched the new SNL, because everyone love a good laugh.
(I'm just going to get it out in the open and say I want to be best friends with and/or marry Kate McKinnon. Funniest most adorable person ever.)

Skyped with my uncle for a bit, but unfortunately I had to go to bed so it just our talk short.



went to the hospital, no one spoke English.
They gave me some number to call, called it. They sent me to some clinic (that was waaaay closer to where I live than the hospital) and the doctor there told me I don't have strep, I have tonsillitis!
Which is neutral? I mean it's almost the same medication, so.
Luckily they don't have to remove them, which apparently they don't always do?

I'm on 4 pills per meal (so, 3 times a day) for the next 4 days. Phew.

Going to take a nap, have some lunch and my first round of meds, and then go to work.


Went to work, it was ok. The actual working bit was fine. Kids were nice, didn't get too confused about stuff, my throat wasn't even killing me.

But falling is the thing killing me right now. I can't really hold my head properly because of how swollen my throat still is, so I'm tensing my neck as I fall which is what's been giving me all the neck pain.
And just being thrown at the floor something like nearly 100 times in two hours (even if it's by 5 year olds) is pretty much the worst thing I can think of doing while feeling sick.
Everything hurts again. boo.

My boss brought my my claims forms he printed, so I need to get that in the post tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday since tomorrow's super busy for me.

Got home just in time to grab my laundry inside before it started pouring.
Then I went to Olympic to get some food, made a video about it!

boom. enjoy.

Something to look forward tomorrow is that since I can't go to Hombu until Wednesday night (well, I can do whatever I want. But since there's still a chance I'm contagious until 48 hours after my medication started I would never go to somewhere like that where I'm breathing all over people and their stuff.) is that I will probably go out to Eat More Greens! All my talk and I've still actually only been there once. So I think I'll do that and then come home and talk to da.

have a pleasant day, all!

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