Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11.09.2012 - yay vegan food.


what a life I lead.
I was out from 8.15 until a but past three, at work for most of it and then I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some vital things. Going to a busy shop with low blood sugar makes me buy tons of sweet things, as it turns out.

I'm pitching my new show 'Cooking With a Poor Foreign Girl in Tokyo' to the food network, so we'll see if my life takes a sudden turn for the more food oriented.

Anyway, because of my schedule on Saturdays & Sundays I actually only eat one meal, at like 4.
I know it's not actually a healthy way to eat, and during the week I really do my best to eat three meals a day. But I can't eat less than 2 hours before I'll be doing aikido (that's work or my own training) because then I feel crazy sick. So, it can be a it hard.

Anyway, original point: when I eat on the weekends I make one ridiculously massive meal. Like two meals honestly.

more of those gyoza, steamed with broccoli and mung bean sprouts.

Then I did some laundry, and felt that I had done so well at being an adult I decided to just watch the newest Doctor Who and eat oreos.
Good call on my part, made me feel awesome.
Seriously, often not doing anything makes me feel like just dying, but it made me feel awesome and relaxed today.

Today is also the first day I've not skyped with my family, I feel like it's a big step for me honestly.


woke up at 5.30, went to the dojo for an hour.
I'd been planning on staying for two, but then after two days in a row with Cesar's crazy's warm ups and my legs felt like jelly. Just biking to and from the dojo made me want to cry.

Came home, ate a massive breakfast (I'm actually just always hungry. I walk so much here that I need to eat so much more, cause you know, that's how it works) and skyped with my family for a while. They're so freaking great. I mean, shit.

Then I went out to submit my application for Japanese Lessons. So I deicide to go to the Shinjuku City Office, as that seems the closet.
Try to go there, end up a the City Health Office.
They send me to the City Office.
City Office information lady says this isn't where I need to be, I need to go to some other building.
Go there.
They send me to the City Office, and tell me I need to go to the second floor.
Go back to the City Office, so up to the second floor and the lady tells me I need to go to a totally different plaza, to the Multicultural Plaza, which is like a 30 minute walk away.
AND IS CLOSED. Luckily I realised this before I walked there.
But I just had to come home and get ready for work, where I have to leave to go in 7 minutes.

So now tomorrow I have to try to squeeze in a trip to the Plaza after work, but before I meet Keiko/go to work again.

In good news I ordered my new hakama today!
for those who don't know, this is where you can learn all about hakamas.
anyway, I have a heavy cotton one, which I love deeply and more than many people.
But, its heavy and all the time it's been spending being carried from school to school is beginning to mess up the pleats. Plus it's super heavy.
So I'm ordering one of the super light polyester blend ones, and it's getting embroidered with my name and everything. That's actually just because all hakamas have that here, but hopefully it'll be here by Friday.


Well, went to work, it was really good actually.

Came home and made some food, unfortunately I ended up buying weird gyoza when I got them (since I can't, you know, read the label.) and it had a kind of almost middle eastern flavour? like a little but like falafel? or maybe some artichoke as well?
Not so great.

the noodles were from the grocery store too, I'm obsessed with them.
they have like, pickled carrots and bean spouts and raw cabbage and they're awesome.



Got up, went to work for an hour or so. It was just Cesar and I this morning, and that's one of my favourite classes to teach. Even though it's horribly early.
Really nice conversation with him after too, he's nice.

Came back here, ate a wonderful breakfast (not even being sarcastic, I was really psyched about it) of french bread, peanut butter, banana, and honey. I was cheap and just bought some Skippy's peanut butter, but it's magically too sweet AND too salty at the same time, so next time I will definitely fork out for the organic stuff. Fun fact, right?

Lay down for what was meant to be a 20 minute nap, but I forgot to set my alarm and slept for like, 2 1/2 hours. Oops.
I have absolutely got to submit my language application tomorrow, I need to start lessons asap.

Went and met Keiko for our hour chat, she was nice enough to invite me out for dinner with her family on Saturday. Which is even better than it might be because it's Magnus' birthday so I'll be horribly sad that I'm not with him.

Went to work! good class, Paul and I taught. It was the first class of the year at that school so there were heaps of new faces for me to put names too, haha.

On the way back I stopped and actually bought myself dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Eat More Greens. So good, jesus I can't stop talking about it.
It had a nice atmosphere, it was all vegetarian or vegan, each dish told me if it had dairy in it, it was cheap, the food was outstanding, I got to eat vegan apple pie…
I could go on forever.

I will definitely be eating there pretty regularly, I walk right past it for two of the places I teach and a third is only about 5 minutes away… so I have plenty of opportunities!
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, there are a few I snapped with my mobile. Horrid quality I know, but just look how damn nice it was! Ugh perfect food is perfect.


Sorry about the lack of photo recently, I don't like taking my camera with me to work so I often don't have it when I see lovely/interesting things.
I wish I had a point and shoot that I could just have in my pocket you know?

here's a bonus selfie, taken while waiting for the metro the other day.

have a pleasant day!

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