Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7.11.2012 - US Election


I've been basically dying of the flu for almost a week now. Last night I got way worse (could hardly breath because I was so stuffed up, fever, cold flashes, shaking, the works.) but the fever broke, and everything seems to be much much better now. I've been keeping warm and not going anything but following the election all day, so I feel almost well now. So happy!


Now, the election!
Obviously, the most exciting part, is that Obama was re elected for a second term in office.
Also very exciting things to mention.

  • Tammy Baldwin (Senator -Elect for Wisconsin) is the first openly gay person ever to be elected into the Senate.
  • Mary Gonzalez (Senator-Elect for Texas) is the first openly pansexual elected into the Senate.
  • Gay Marriage was legalised in Maine and Maryland, whilst something complicated happened in Minnesota where they didn't stop the possibility for it being legal? I've yet to find something that properly explains it honestly.
  • Mazie Hirono (Senator-Elect for Hawaii) is the first Asian-American woman in the Senate.
  • Tammy Duckworth (Representative-Elect for Illinois) is the first female disabled war veteran (she lost both her legs in Iraq) in the House of Representatives.
  • Elizabeth Warren (Senator-Elect for Massachusetts) is the first woman Senator for the state.
  • Stopping the use of the death penalty in California was up for vote, though I haven't heard the results yet.

Swell job today America.


And since I can barely get through a meal without documenting it, I so have photos from both times Obama was elected! ha!

 Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow, all!

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