Sunday, November 18, 2012

18.11.2012 - I love Ferris Wheels.

First here are a few self portraits I actually took two weeks ago, but only got around to editing yesterday.
They're simple, but 90% of the stuff I shoot these days is.
I'm all about black and white and little details currently, it feels so day-to-day and honest to me.


Woke up this morning with two desires: to have a breakfast burrito & to ride a ferris wheel.
Bizarre, I know.

Went to work, it was good!

Stopped by the grocery store and finally found spinach which I have spend aaaages looking for. Still no kale to be found, such a travesty.

Came back and made a not-really-at-all breakfast burrito. Basically a spinach omelette served with garlic & black beans. Delicious, if basterised.

Did laundry and talked to Magnus for a bit & found the coolest sounding park online. There's an aquarium AND a ferris wheel. Seriously two of my favourite things. But unfortunately the aquarium closes at 4.30 and at this point it was like 3.50, so not today. I'm thinking I'm going to go on Friday because I have no work.
Then I set off in search of Tokyo Dome and the ferris wheel it promised me. The first centreless and, thus, spoke less, ferris wheel in the world. According to the internet, which never lies!

Turns out Tokyo Dome itself if a baseball diamond, but there's a sort of amusement park thing around it. Plus shops and awesome christmas-y lights.

walking from the station.

Walked around for a while, bought a few Christmas presents and generally enjoyed the lights/evening.

Then I got my ferris wheel ride!
Just as good as I hoped, I even managed to squeeze a self portrait into the 10 minutes I was out of sight of the people on the ground. Skills right there. Not my best, but points for speed and the fact that I had no remote or tripod?

Hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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