Saturday, November 24, 2012

24.11.2012 - snippet

Hello all,

slept funny so my back was a bit tight this morning but it felt almost fine at work and then on my way back to the train station from the farmer's market I tripped and fell (I never used to fall down, since I moved here I've tripped like daily.) and managed to make both my knees and my back feel like they were on fire?
My knees seemed to have calmed down a bit but my neck is killing me and I have a headache again.

Poor baby.

Sorry for the lack of photos, I didn't have my camera for any part of today.


Buuuuuut here's the video from yesterday and a few of the self portraits I talked about, that I also took yesterday.

The song's Rave On preformed by Buddy Holly.
(I suggest you go watch this on YouTube because it's playing oddly on my blog.
you can do this by clicking the 'YouTube' icon that is in the bottom left of the video.)

I'm actually working on a new project which is going to be a series of diptychs of self portraits taken in my room and landscapes of my experiences in japan.
I've started to put a few together in a book and I'm really really pleased with the results so far.

I may share a few once I have more that I'm psyched about.


I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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