Friday, November 30, 2012

30.11.2012 - finally found out what's wrong

Hey guys,

so I felt a little ill yesterday and then last night I got really really bad again. swollen tonsils, intense nausea, crazy bad headache, backache, stuffed up sinuses, cough, light sensitivity, basically everything hurt terribly.

Went to a new, different doctor who's an English lady at a different clinic. It's much farther from me but I really wanted to be able to explain my symptoms and get some advice because I had what I thought was my third round of tonsillitis in 2 months.

Turns out I never even had tonsillitis, but have had strep throat probably since mid september, which means that at this point I am seriously ill. I'm currently on doctor ordered bed rest for 3 days, she said I much have a pretty serious immune system to have been working and stuff, given how long the virus had been in my throat.
She also gave my 10 days of antibiotics and said the 4 days the other guy gave me where absolutely not enough to kill anything, even if he'd given me ones for strep. Just enough to make me appear healthy, but not enough to fix the problem.

Even though being this sick absolutely blows, I'm really happy I went to her and finally know what's going on and have the right meds to deal with it.

I'm currently downloading seasons 1 through 5 of Doctor Who (the reboot) to keep myself occupied and in bed, stoked to get my David Tennent on, yo!

To end this on a much better note: in exactly two weeks I will be seeing my family for the first time in over three months and I am so goddamn excited!


I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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