Thursday, December 6, 2012

6.12.2012 - bit of an update

Hello all,

Well, things went a little mental there for a minute. I spend all last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in bed absolutely sick as a dog. Monday I felt better and went back to work, but I've been feeling so... sort of weak since then. I suppose fighting strep throat for almost 3 months takes it out of a girl.
Still haven't been back to the dojo, I'll be going on Saturday night. I can't make tomorrow night and I've been having a really hard time sleeping lately, so the morning classes are a bit too much right now.
Been eating well and making sure I'm getting plenty of electrolytes back in my system, so hopefully I'll be good as new soon!

I only working tomorrow and the weekend, and then I'm off for nearly a month, which is so lovely!
I can't believe I've been working here for a whole school term, time is odd.
Clearly been watching too much Doctor Who because every time I think about time at all I just think it's all wibbley-wobbley timey-whimey.
(Sorry Magnus.)

It's currently Thursday night and in exactly 8 days I will be having dinner with my family for the first time in almost 4 months. Oh my god I am so excited. I love them, I'm so excited to show them Tokyo... Everything is fantastic!

Aaaaaand the washing machine is finally fixed, after two weeks of it being broken.
I still need to have someone translate the controls before I can use it, but still, it's here in the house!


Been working on a new project since I got here, it's a series who's working title is 'lost', but I'm not 100% set on that.
I was originally thinking about waiting until I left Japan to unveil it (so far only two people have seen any, and they haven't even seen the same ones.) but now I'm thinking considerably earlier, like maybe next week?

Honestly I'm really nervous about showing people because it's one of the most personally meaningful series of photos I've ever made, so the response is much scarier than for most of my work.
I suppose that's the sign of good stuff though.

But it's definitely scary, I'm afraid people won't like them, or won't somehow understand the importance.
I know that not everything is important to everyone, things that are my heart and soul can seem boring and snapshots for me can change someone's life.... it's just hard to remember that sometimes.

Anyway, you'll probably be seeing some or all of the photos sooner rather than later.


To finish this post off, have a funny Wes Anderson flow chart.

I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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