Monday, December 10, 2012

10.12.2012 - turning japanese

It's funny, I was walking around Shibuya tonight (not a single decent photo came from the evening, though I really wasn't prepared.) and I was thinking about how even though I've been here for a short time how much more japanese my style is.
There's so many 'cute' things here, it's infectious.
I mean, grown men in business suits can have fluffy phone charms and rock and roll people still have hello kitty merch. It's not looked down upon at all, it doesn't make you a princess, it's just a way of being.

A few weeks ago I bought a pink dress that I'd have laughed at before I moved here and this evening I got a necklace that is insanely girly, so so much more than I'd have ever been comfortable wearing in the West.

In fact, here it is. And I'm obsessed!

Not much of a point in this post, just something I noticed tonight.
I don't scoff at pink and bows and adorable things here, the way I absolutely did at home.

I'll be sort of interested to see if I continue dressing like this once I'm home, or if it'll suddenly seem far too doll like and I'll never wear any of it again.

Speaking of my new pink dress, I was actually wearing it today when I made my Q&A video with questions from my Tumblr followers. Please enjoy some HD Signe.

I'm planning on making a video everyday for a week as a bit of a personal challenge, so look forward to heaps more of me!


Started watching Torchwood yesterday, which is a spin off of Doctor Who starring one of the best DW characters, Captain Jack Harkness, and his alien fighting team based in Cardiff.
Because where the hell else would you be based?
Anyway, it's good.
Cool story, right?


I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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