Sunday, November 25, 2012

25.11.2012 - osaka style lunch + sensōji temple.

Hello all, I had a lovely lovely day and took lots of photos and isn't this just special?

Started out by Skyping relatively briefly with mum & Magnus; my family's going to be here in less than 3 weeks and I am so excited good gracious.

Then I went and had a traditional Osaka style lunch with Keiko (I teach her English, Takashi (her husband), and Yuriko (their daughter) in Shinjuku. It was so interesting!
I can't say I fell in love with any of the food honestly, but it was all good. And like I said, it was terribly interesting. Aaaaand I can tick 'eat octopus' off my bucket list, so, booyah.

kind of like a quiche ball with octopus inside it.

vinegar based dipping sauce for the octopus.

soy sauce, vinegar, and some kind of hot sauce all mixed: for the gyoza.

Takashi cutting this thing that they said 'is like an osaka pizza', but I saw little connection there.

it was the best thing I had, though!

served with dried seaweed and smoked tuna flakes.

soba, of course. with cabbage, chicken, and pickled ginger.

sort of a tasteless pudding with brown sugar (which just tasted like molasses to me) sauce.

where we ate!

Went straight from there to Asakusa to go to Sensoji which is a very famous Buddhist temple.
There's also a temple dedicated to tanuki there which is like half the reason I went, but then I couldn't find it! Sneaky. I will do some research and go again because I will not leave Tokyo without going to it, I swear.
As you can see it was packed, but it was so worth going. Had a bit of a spiritual moment with all the incense and the people praying and tossing coins into various offering things and it was so good.

tokyo skytree

After that I walked around the area for a while, got a few little presents and just enjoyed looking about. I don't seem to wander as much as I did when I first got here, I suppose that's natural since Tokyo's less… new and thrilling now.

The arcade leading to Sensoji.

grilled squid

Took a slightly complicated train journey to Minato so I could go to Nissin for a few western food stuffs, came back, made some chilli for dinner and then skyped with Liam for a while.

We talked about exciting plans and it was just generally a really nice way to end my really nice day.


I hope you all have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow!

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