Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13.11.2012 - a less sad, but still little, post.

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for any worry that the last post caused, I'm not wasting away or anything.
I just needed to talk about something that is true, I've struggled with depression for a long time, it's not new since I moved here. I'm considering making a video about it, but it's hard to articulate in writing... or real life. We'll see.

I'm finally feeling less like I'm going to die (I've changed the subject from depression to having the flu, just so you know) which is making me feel much better.

Yesterday I got properly lost for the second time since moving here, which made me miss going to Hombu. I thought I went out a certain exit from the station but it turns out I was at a different one. Basically, when I came out of the station I was half a block from the street I needed to be on but instead I turned the wrong way and got totally lost for over an hour. God damn! Eventually found my way back to a street I understood and just walked back here. Towards the end of my walk I decided (not so cleverly seeing as I'd just gotten lost whilst practically being within sight of my desired destination.) to take a 'short cut' which ended up adding almost 40 minutes to my walk because I got semi-lost again.


Came back from work and made myself a massive meal, I always loose my appetite when I'm ill, now I'm trying to make up for it! Bacon, eggs, toast, mashed pumpkin, and beetroot. It was all delicious, so hopefully it'll help boost my immune system a bit.
And I know, it's pretty much the opposite of vegan. But I've been craving meat the past few days, and I go with what my body wants. So.

Feeling better, but I'm still stuffed up and coughing a bit.
And I'm tired! So, so, so tired. Been getting heaps of sleep (minus the waking up) but good gracious.
Definitely need to get some electrolytes in me, I've been craving sweet & salt which normally means I'm a bit off.


Now it's the evening. Yay!
Went to meet Keiko, went to work, and went to to dojo. Boom.
Osawa Sensei's class was outstanding, as always. That man's seriously amazing.

Enjoying my second feast of the day, this one's considerably more of a mish mash.
Mashed pumpkin, chips + salsa, a cabbage noodle thing from the grocery store, and an apple.

Feeling ever better than I was this morning, I really feel like today was a turning point for me, health wise!

Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow, all!

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