Wednesday, August 29, 2012

study in fingertips

Pretty much stayed in all day watching Misfits and doing laundry, because I had a lot of laundry + some new gis that needed to be washed like, 4 times.
I also went to class this morning of course.
it was taught by Masuda Sensei, he's great.

Anyway, these are a few self portraits I took last night.

It's often hard to explain to someone how a self portrait can feel so personal, or just feel like nothing.
So many photos I have could be of anyone as far as I'm concerned, there's no real attachment to them other than the fact that I, personally, took them.

But these feel so personal, like some sort of glimpse into myself. I don't really know how to voice it.
it wasn't intentional, it never is really. I really just was playing around with my 50mm and a mirror and then these came out.

have a good day all of you!

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