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26.08.2012 - Seiji Togo Memorial Museum

I always want people who follow my blog had some sort of name I could greet them with.
You know like, celebrities have. Directioners or Little Monsters or something.
Any brilliant ideas? extra likelihood of having your suggestion used if it somehow involves cats.


this morning I skyped with mum and voiced some of my fears and stuff and of course she made me feel heaps better because she's the best mother anyone could wish for. I lucked out on the parents.

Then I ate some breakfast.
then I took a deep breath in, held it for a moment, and breathed out.

Around 3 I decided I wanted to go out, but also wanted to be in an air conditioned environment.
Answer? Museums!
I went to the Seiji Togo Memorial Museum, which is in the Sonpo Building in downtown-ish Shinjuku. I even took the train there! Though only one stop, and I did walk back. But the walk back took me like 30 minutes.

I keep seeing these giant, sort of viking, robotic woman being dragged around in trailers.
apparently they're for a new, robot themed cafe that's opening in downtown Shinjuku.

Anyway, got out of Shunjuku Station and decided against asking for directions, unless I got properly lost. I had an ok map, but it's not like they can say "turn left onto such and such' since most streets have no names. Makes everything a bit harder.
It took me almost 45 minutes (it would take maaaybe 10 minutes now that I know where I'm going) but I found it!
Turns out it's on the 42th floor, so there's also an observation part, where you can a ton of the Eastern side of Tokyo, really lovely!

side of the building.

Unfortunately past that there was a no photos rule, so none for you!

They were having an exhibit on children's picture books, which was only semi interesting to me. They did have the work of a Japanese lady who grew up WWII. I can't remember her name, but some of her stuff was gorgeous.

They also had areas with prints from books from different countries.
As a whole I'd say Finland was the best.
Slight side note: but I did get to fulfill  my lifelong dream of reading "Where's my Cat?" and "The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar" in Japanese.

Their permanent exhibits were some of Seigi Togo's work, which was nice, but I can't say really moved me.
They also have one of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings! Sadly not the one so prominently featured in in the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who, but a girl can't have it all. They also had a Gauguin, just to add some spice.

Bought some postcards, cause bitches love postcards.

After I was done I chose to walk home, slowly, looking at everything. It was a nice walk, especially since I just can walk straight and I get to my alley way.

experience my joy!

Tomorrow I'll be going to Hombu in the morning, and doing who knows what for the rest of the day. Might go to a park for a picnic lunch, if I can bare doing it alone.
(Fact: The only thing worse than cooking and eating a meal by yourself is a picnic by yourself, sometimes. They're either absolutely horrid or really calming a nice. All depends on how you feel I suppose.)

Anyway, tried to keep it brief, so it's not 'too wordy'. Didn't do terribly well, but it's the thought that counts?

have a pleasant day, since it's currently morning on the east coast.

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